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Review: National and international conferences

The following table lists international and national conferences held by ETAG since its creation in 1994. Presenters have been Georgian ELT professionals as well as TESOL and IATEFL speakers.

Date Venue Conference

1995 June 5-8

Tbilisi. Georgian Technical University

Teaching English in a Changing Georgia (international)

1996 May 13-16

Tbilisi State University

New Dimensions in Teaching English (international )

1997 May 23-23

Tbilisi. The institute of foreign languages

Teaching English: a Practical Approach(national)

1998 May 22-24

Tbilisi. The institute of languages and cultures

Learning Styles and Teaching Diversity (international)

1999 June 12

Tbilisi. The institute of languages and cultures

Teachers’ national conference

2000 June 23-25

Batumi. Central library

We and the New Millennium (international)

2002 June 28-30

Telavi. Pedagogical Institute

Making English Fun to Learn