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Civic Education curriculum development and teacher training for secondary schools of Georgia 2000-2002

A 136-page textbook in Civic Education
Funding organization:
USA State Department

Project initiator: IOWA University College of education.

Project Objectives:

1. to assist Georgian educators in planning, developing, and evaluating a Civic Education curriculum framework and sample materials for the 9th grade.

2. to provide Georgian participants with experience in developing a curriculum framework and instructional materials for Civic Education in Georgian secondary schools, by selecting and training Civic Education curriculum writers.


  1. A 136-page textbook in Civic Education for 9th graders in Georgian plus a 102-page teacherís book. 5000 copies of the textbook have been distributed free of charge to schools.
  2. 7 Georgian textbook writers have been trained in the USA. 28 Georgian school teachers and 600 9th graders in 16 towns of Georgia have taken part in the piloting and thus gained experience in the methodology of Civic Education teaching and learning.
  3. The published materials have been approved as a supplementary textbook by the ministry of education of Georgia.

The textbook highlights the following themes: Human Rights, Democracy, Citizenship, Georgian Constitution and Government in Georgia, Social problems, Global problems. The methodology practised through this textbook is based on principles of: interaction, communication, case-studies and debates.

The Civic Education writing team are: Thea Gvelesiani, Nino tokhadze, Bela Kopaliani, Vika kuprashvili, Marina Mshvidobadze, Tamar Kaldani, and Tamar Khatiashvili