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English Teachers' Association of Georgia


English language library development 2000-2001

Funding organization: USA Embassy, Tbilisi

Specific objectives:

  • to establish English resource centres in five regional centres, namely Kutaisi, Batumi, Poti, Zugdidi and Telavi, and in the ETAG head office in Tbilisi. Enhancing the English language sections in the central regional libraries is of special importance because of the surge of interest in learning English in Georgia. These English language centres put at the disposal of a diverse clientele up-to-date English language materials, including audio and video cassettes and CD ROMs.
  • to equip each library with one computer and access to internet, and to train library managers in computer skills.

The locations of the selected sites for the libraries coincide with the distribution of existing regional ETAG branches.


The central libraries of Kutaisi, Batumi, Poti, Zugdidi and Telavi, and the ETAG head office in Tbilisi, have a rich and up-to-date collection of English teaching materials for General and Business English as well as for English for Young Learners, dictionaries, readers, materials for British and American cultural studies, as well as a range of audio and video cassettes and CDs. The centres are also equipped with computers, printers and cassette players. The libraries are open to the public mainly for on-site use. However most materials may also be borrowed by library users.

The English centres of these six libraries were officially launched in the spring of 2001

For further information, please visit the libraries or call the library directors at the following addresses:

  • In Kutaisi: 1 Basketi st., tel ( 8 231) 4 56 80. Director: Gogi Shavgulidze
  • In Batumi: 21 Vazha-Pshavela st., tel.(888 222) 7 35 74. Director Genadi Makharadze
  • In Poti: Director Nunu Chelidze
  • In Zugdidi: 58 Kostava st., tel. (8 215) 2 25 87. Director: Tsiala Patsatsia
  • In Telavi: 1 Erekle Meores Ave., tel. (8 250) 32 96. Director: Makvala Tsiklauri