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English Teachers' Association of Georgia


Monday, May 24 2021
10 hour training in west part of Georgia

Day 1: The training for the English teachers of Samegrelo and Imereti region started on May 14th. It was conducted by Robert D. Leier, Ph.D. English Language Fellow- Georgia.

The Topic of the first session was- Teaching for Communication. The trainer discussed several language teaching theories and mainly focused on the communicative approach. Dr.Leier showed an example of the Communicative Approach and teachers discussed the demo activity in groups.

Day 2: The second session was held on 19th May. The topic of the session was Low and High Tech Vocabulary Learning Tools. Dr. Leier spoke about the importance of teaching vocabulary to communicate effectively and introduced different learning tools, such as,, Corpus tools. The participants were actively involved in all the activities.

Day 3: The third session was held on the 21st of May. The topic of the session was providing feedback in the writing process. How to write an academic letter, apart from they discussed the steps of writing. At last, teachers worked as “Peer Editing Team” to edit and proofread the paper on “Women and Agriculture.” First, they edited the paper in groups, then individually, and finally with the peer. The session was very engaging.