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E-newsletter ,November-December 3(21) 2014

This is a special issue of ETAG E-newsletter.

May this year of 2015 be a year of peace and prosperity and also a year of health and happiness.

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Issue No 61, March 2008

  • Some Tips on Classroom Management
  • John Scafidi. Senior English language fellow
  • Liza Harshbarger's Final Visit as RELO
  • Tsisana Tsiskaridze, ETAG manager 
  • Mona Liza Just Keeps on Smiling
  • Natia Sopromadze, Teacher of English
  • Shida Kartli Regional Conference in Gori

Issue No 60-December 2007

  • ETAG offers a training course to NQTs 
  • Marina Chkhikvadze-NQT Course Trainer
  • Academic Writing Course
  • John Safidi. Senior English language fellow
  • On-Line opportunities for ELTs 
  • Suggested by Tsisana Tsiskaridze, ETAG manager
  • ETAG Branches make difference

Issue No 59 September-October 2007

  • New Pre-service Textbook for Teachers-to-be 
  • Rusiko Tkemaladze-ETAG Director
  • The New US Public affairs officer Visits ETAG
  • Teaching Business English-a Daunting Experience?
  • Maya Rogava-BETT course writer & coordinator
  • Trainings at ETAG

Issue N 58 May-June 2007

  • "Kyev was Undeniably Hospitable,  Friendly and Magnificent-Nana Shavishvili
  • What is Cooperative Learning? Nelly Kukhaleishvili
  • 8 Months of Working in Georgia:Impressions, Thoughts and Results-John Scafidi 
  • Successful Completion of Piloting NQT

Issue No 57 March-April 2007


  • Batumi Regional Conference-Advancing Towards Quality
  • John Scafidi-Senior English Language Fellow 
  • Seattle-Convention for Ensuring Quality Teaching
  • Rusiko Tkemaladze-ETAG Director
  • Why do Teachers Keep Joining ETAG?
  • ETAG Branches Make Difference



Issue No 56- January-February 2007

  • Helping Ts'Associations to Take Next Steps
    Nelly Kukhaleishvili 
  • Teaching Knowledge Test
  • From the Outgoing ETAG Tbilisi Head
  • Why ETAG Trainings?



Issue No 55, 2006

  • A Pilot Course for Newly Qualified Teachers
    Nelly Kukhaleishvili, Marina Chkhikvadze 
  • A new Methodology Course for University Students
  • British Council and ETAG Support New Course Development in Business English 
  • Maya Rogava
  • Gamarjoba To ETAG members
    John Scafidi

Issue No 54, 2006

  • A Fruitful and Successful Week in Romania
    Nelly Kukhaleishvili
  • International Summer Institute in Ukraine
    Mzia Skhulukhia
  • Train-the-Trainer Course Held in Tbilisi 
  • Diane Millar

ETAG Newsletter Issue No 53-June 2006

Issue No 53, June 2006

  • ETAG 8th Conference "Educational Reform and English Language Teaching"
  • Current Developments in Curriculum Implementation in Georgia. Plenary      

         Simon Janashia, Ministry of Education, Georgia

  • Alternatives in Assessment, Plenary      

         Linda Gajdusek, The USA

  • Yielding Place to New: Democratizing English in Georgia, Plenary      

          Peter Grundy, The USA



Issue No. 22 - February 2003

  • Project updates 
    Rusudan Tkemaladze
  • More Learning, Less Teaching Goes Live 
    Barrie Watson
  • Asking Questions 
    Eka Tkavashvili
  • Spotlight on Shalva Shaptoshvili, an ESL Teacher in Gori
  • Focus on Branches
    Meggie Tabatadze