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11th International Research Conference on Education, Language and Literature

TKT 22.05-20.06.2021
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The library provides access to the following:

  • the best English Language Teaching materials which include:

    • books on methodology, listening, speaking, reading, writing, grammar,

    • vocabulary, tests, pronunciation and professional English

    • course books for adults and young learners

    • audio and video cassettes

  • dictionaries: general and specialized

  • newspapers and periodicals

  • Information resources: directories, catalogues and various prospectuses.

Registered members can borrow materials from the library. Membership is open to English language teachers, Masters level students of English and also all those who need English professionally [membership info].

Becoming the member of the ETAG library you have a great opportunity to access different, valuable information sources about the UK / USA and quality English language materials.

Books can be borrowed for 3 weeks.

  • If you need to keep any item for longer than 3 weeks, you are allowed to renew the loan, once only, for a further 3 weeks, on condition that no other member has requested the item in the meantime.

  • If an item is returned late the member will have to pay 0.50 Tetri each late day.

  • If an item is returned damaged in, any way (written in, etc.) the member will have her membership cancelled, and will have to re-enroll to continue using the library.

  • An item, which is declared lost by the borrower, should be paid for

You are kindly requested to return the materials in the condition you would like to find them before borrowing.