English for Engagement and Employability/ Establishing EL Clubs in the minority and conflict Zones (BC) in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Justice.

Sub-project 1: Teachers Initial Training

  • Implemented tasks and activities/ main achievements:
  • Induction training for the teachers of new learning hubs was held in Tbilisi on 28 October – 3 November, 2019. Duration of the training was 2 weekends (4 full days)
  • 34 participants from 13 learning hubs participated.
  • Participants were consulted by the British Council English language experts. The consultancy and training covered the following themes:
  1. Communicative English language teaching;
  2. Delivering English Clubs lessons including gender and DND themes;
  3. Management and organization of the functioning of the learning hub activities;
  4. Organization and delivery of the teacher training and TAG programmes,
  5. Facilitation and management of the learning activities at the learning Hub, etc.

Sub-project 2:‘Operation of Learning Hubs’ started on October 26, 2019.

  • Trainings for teachers and for students were initially held on 8 sites: Vale, Orsantia, Chakvi, Didi Jikhaishi, Kabali, Rukhi, Tkviavi and Tsalka.
  • From December trainings were held on 5 more sites: Lentekhi, Shuakhevi, Sadakhlo, Adigeni and Mejvriskhevi.
  • Number of hours conducted for General English students per site per month is 3;
  • Number of hours conducted for DND students per site per month is 3;
  • Number of hours conducted for TAG participants per site per month is 5;
  • Number of hours conducted by facilitators per site per month is 11.

Sub-project 3: Mentoring (Iris and F2F)

Face to Face Mentoring started in February in all 13 Learning Hubs. 13 Mentors were briefed online on key responsibilities and mentoring methodology. Mentoring involved once a month F2F observation of the Club activities delivered by each teacher. The observation cycle also involved pre-observation guidance by Mentors and post-observation reflection by teachers as well as mentoring meetings lead by Mentors.

Learning Hubs: Improved Skills for Stronger Societies.

Quarterly Report. Organization ETAG. Period covered by the report from October 26, 2019 up to Feb 2020.