ETAG NATIONAL CONFERENCE “Sharing Practices with Project Based Learning”

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Presenter’s Registration Form
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Each presentation will last 30 minutes. Presenters will have to pay 50 GEL registration fee, and they are responsible for bringing enough handouts for the session (maximum 30 participants per session)
Presentation description

Please circle the area of your presentation
• Methodology
• Project based learning (sharing experience about the knowledge acquired during the participation in a specific project)
• Skills development
• Testing/ assessment
• Other: please specify_____

Every room will have either a flip chart or a whiteboard and pens. What additional equipment do you need? _________________

Please attach to this form. max.70 word summary of the presentation. Make sure that the summary has your name on it.
Registration deadline: 1 February, 2018

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Conference registration fee: 20 GEL.
Registration deadline 25 January, 2017

Email the registration form to or or bring it ETAG office in Tbilisi at Chavchavadze Aven 36 R.227 .Working hours:12pm-5pm Monday- Friday , tel: 2 475191