Life is full of surprises

Recently, Ketevan Ghvania who is Poti ETAG member shared her impressions about her visit in Great Britain:

“Life is full of surprises. In my case the gorgeous one was when I became a finalist of the project trainings in Edinburgh for the English teachers by Teacher Professional Development Center – TPDC. I was lucky to meet professional teachers from different parts of Georgia. A training is the occasion where you can gain a lot of experience. Here I would like to highlight ETAG’s importance. It is the unique organization giving us, English teachers a lot of knowledge and experience to be successful in our professional field. Moreover, Participants were given a chance to visit London.

I think I was very lucky to wander in the streets of Edinburgh with precious friends and be the part of her majesty Elizabeth II birthday ceremony in London. No pain, no gain. Sounds good. Good luck every teacher of English. Wish to be extremely Lucky in your profession ready for upbringing a bright, future generation.