Poti Office

Poti Branch of ETAG started to operate in 1996. It unites teachers from school and University. Both from Private sectors. Poti Branch has British Council ETAG approved trainers and conducts professional development trainings in language development and methodology.

The office has a small library of ELT textbooks and literature.

Contact Person:Maka Iobadze
Established:November 1996
Phone:Mob. +995 555 57 13 15

ETAG Poti Library List AuthorPublisherDate
1Storytelling Juan Jesus ZaroHeinemann1995
2Planning classworkSheila EstaireHeinemann1994
3DramaCharlyn WesselsOxford Univ.press1987
4English for teachersMary SprattCambridge Univ. Pres1994
5Phonetics and phonologyCarole ParadisAcademic Press1991
6 Test your verbsJake AllsopPenguin books2002
7Annie BananiLeah KomaikoA yearling Book1997
8Creative Classroom ActivitiesThomas KralUS Depart.of States1995
9Test your professional English Steve FlindersPenguin books2002
10 Midsummer night dreamW.ShakespeareDover Publication Inc.1992
11Test your pronunciationMichael Vaughan RPenguin books2002
12 Internet GuideDave SperlingPrentice Hall regent1997
13 InternetScott WindeattOxford Univ.press2000
14Practical techniques for L.T.Michael LewisL.T.publication1985
15 Recipe bookSeth LindstrombergLongman1990
16Humanism in lang. teachingEarl.W.StevickOxford Univ.press1990
17Self-AccessSusan SheerinOxford Univ.press1989
18Syllabus designDavid NunanOxford Univ.press1988
19Syllabus designDavid NunanOxford Univ.press1988
20Roles of teachings and learnersTony WrightOxford Univ.press1987
21Communicative language testingCyril WeirPrentice Hall1990
22Dictation New MethodsPaul DavisCambridge Univ. Pres1988
23Short and sweetAllan MalleyPenguin books1993
24Approaches and methods in L.T..Jack RichardsCambridge Univ. Pres1986
25Communicative Language TeachingWilliam LittlewoodCambridge Univ. Pres1981
26English for Specific PurposesTom HutchinsonCambridge Univ. Pres1987
27Teaching and learning languagesEarl W.StevickCambridge Univ. Pres1982
28Foreign and second lang.learningWilliam LittlewoodCambridge Univ. Pres1984
29Designing tasks for the communicative David NunanCambridge Univ. Pres1989
30Classroom observation tasksRuth WajnrybCambridge Univ. Pres1992
31Collaborative. lang. learning and teach.David nunanCambridge Univ. Pres1992
32 Learner-Centred curriculumDavid NunanCambridge Univ. Pres1988
33Drama techniques in lang.learningAlan MaleyCambridge Univ. Pres1982
34Testing for lang.teachersArthur HughesCambridge Univ. Pres1989
35Five minute activitiesPenny Ur Cambridge Univ. Pres1992
36More dialogues for every day useN.AUS inform. Agency---
37Second lang. acquisitionStephen D.KrashelPrentice hall1988
38Making the most of your textbookNeville GrantLongman1987
39Teaching English to childrenWendy a.ScottLongman1990
40Storytelling handbook for prim tea. +1casGail EllisPenguin books1991
41Developing listening skillsShelagh RixonMacmillan publish ltd1996
42Developing Engl. with young learnersopal DunnModern English Publ.1984
43Drama activities for lang.learningJohn Doughill Macmillan publish ltd1987
44Oxford Children picture DictionaryL.A HillOxford Univ.Press1994
45Oxford phrasal VerbsDr.Keith BrownOxford Univ.Press2001
46Longman Dictionary of Amer.EnglishAddison WesleyLongman2000
47Oxford dictionary of phrasal verbsA.P.Cowie R.MackOxford Univ.Press2000
48Oxford dictionary of English IdiomsA.P.Cowie R.MackOxford Univ.Press2000
49Longman business English dictionarydella SummersLongman2000
50Oxford Advanced learners DictionaryA.S.HornbyOxford Univ.Press2000
51Oxford English picture DictionaryE.C.ParnwellOxford Univ.Press1994
52 Girl in the mirrorPaul DaviesOxford Univ.Press1997
53 Body on the beachJoyce HannamOxford Univ.Press1994
54Escape from castle CzarkaAlan C.McLeanHeinemann1994
55MurderDonald DallasHeinemann New Wave1989
56Kates revengePhilip ProwseHeinemann1991
57ZargonzooPaul ShiptonHeinemann1991
58Double dangerTony HopwoodHeinemann1991
59 Last recordingTony HopwoodHeinemann1989
60 woman in whiteWilkie CollinsPenguin Readers1999
61 jungle bookRudyard kiplingPenguin Readers2002
62King Arthur and the knights of the roundDeborah TempestPenguin Readers2000
63 Last of the MohicansJames CooperPenguin Readers2000
64Treasure IslandR.L StevensonPenguin Readers1999
65Cristmas CarolCh. DickensPenguin Readers1999
66Alice in WonderlandLewis CarrollPenguin Readers2000
67 Royal familyCherry GilchristPenguin Readers2001
68Princess DianaCherry GilchristPenguin Readers2001
69David CopperfieldCh. DickensPenguin readers2001
70DraculaBram StokerPenguin readers2000
71Sense and sensibilityJane AustenPenguin Books1997
72FrankensteinMary ShelleyPenguin Books2000
74Gone with the windMargaret MitchellPenguin Books1995
75Gone with the windMargaret MitchellPenguin Books1995
76Diary of a young girl +1 cassetteAnna FrankPenguin readers1998
77Last Recoding Tony HopwoodHeinemann2000
78The Lost WorldMichael CrichtonPenguin readers2001
79Great GatsbyF.S.FitzgeraldPenguin readers2000
80Invisible manH.G.WellsPenguin readers2001
81RebeccaDaphne du MaurierPenguin readers2001
82Hound of baskervillsA.Conan DoylePenguin readers1999
83Brave new worldAldous HuxleyPenguin readers1999
84Great expectations +4 CDsCharles DickensPenguin Books1999
85Campbells crossingAlan MaleyPenguin Books1995
86Musical cheersAlan MaleyPenguin Books1997
87Wild mushrooms and othersJake AllsopPenguin Books1989
88Ladybirds and other Elementary storiesJake AllsopPenguin Books1991
89Lucky LukePaul StewartPenguin Books1997
90Windows of the mindFrank BrennanCam.Univ. Press2001
91Advanced stories for reproductionsL.A.HillOxford Univ.Press1980
92Advanced stories for reproductionsL.A.HillOxford Univ.Press1980
93Introductory stories for reproductionsL.A.HillOxford Univ.Press1980
95Elementary stories for reproductionL.A.HillOxford Univ.Press1980
96Elementary stories for reproductionL.A.HillOxford Univ.Press1980
97Intermediate stories for reproductionL.A.HillOxford Univ.Press1980
98Under the moonRowena AkinyemiOxford Bookworms1997
99Karateka +1 cassetteSue LeatherHeinemann1991
100 Coldest place on EarthTim VicaryOxford Univ.Press1992
101Maggot pieJoan CarlyonCambridge Univ.Press1993
102 Breath of demonStephanie BaudetCambridge Univ.Press1993
103 watchers +1 cassetteJennifer BassettOxford Univ.Press1997
104African adventureMargaret IgguldenOxford Univ.Press1996
105 Night of the green dragon +1 cassetteDorothy DixonOxford Univ.Press1996
106 Stranger of green knoweLucy BostonOxford Univ.Press1996
107 Year of sharingHarry GilbertOxford Univ.Press1994
108 Prizonar of zenda +2 cassettesAnthony HopeOxford Univ.Press1993
109Do androids dream of electric sheepPhilip K.DickOxford Univ.Press1968
110 MoonspinersMary StewatrtOxford Univ.Press1996
111Jungle booksRudyard KiplingPenguin Books1987
112Silas Marner George EliotNew American Library1960
113 End of the affairGraham GreenePenguin Books1962
114Have fun with vocabularyAnnette BarnesPenguin Books1996
115Songs and rhymes Julian DakinLongman1997
116 Outline of English literatureG.C.ThornleyLongman1984
117Modern short storiesPeter JW TaylorOxford Univ.Press1968
118Best detective stories Agatha ChristieLongman1996
119First certificate Mark HarrisonOxford Univ.Press1999
120First certificate Mark HarrisonOxford Univ.Press1999
121First certificate Mark HarrisonOxford Univ.Press1997
122First certificate Mark HarrisonOxford Univ.Press1999
123New first certificate(WB S.B)Simon HainesOxford Univ.Press1996
124New first certificate(WB S.B)Simon HainesOxford Univ.Press1996
125New First certificate(Masterclass)+2cas.Simon HainesOxford Univ.Press1996
126First Certificate Gold pract.exams +4cas.Amos ParanLongman1996
127Gold exam maximizer +2cassettesSally BurgessLongman2000
128Gold TB Amos ParanLongman1996
129Gold first certificate-coursebook +2cas.Richard AcklamLongman2000
130CE practice test+2cassettesCE practice test+2cassettesOxford Univ.Press1999
131CE practice test+2cassettesCE practice test+2cassettesOxford Univ.Press1999
132Intermediate Language practiceMichael VinceMacmillan Heinemann1998
133 Heinemann ELT English Word builderGuy WellmanMacmillan Heinemann1998
134First certificate Lang. practiceMichael VinceMacmillan Heinemann1998
135Longman prep. course for TOEFLdeborah PhilipsLongman1996
136Longman introduce. Course for TOEFL.deborah PhilipsLongman1996
137Cambridge first certificate in Eng.(5) U.C.L.E.S.Cambridge Univ.Press2001
138Cambridge preliminary Eng. test(3)U.C.L.E.S.Cambridge Univ.Press2001
140Peter panJ.M. BarriePenguin Readers2001
141Primary activity .boxCarolina NixonCambridge Univ.Press2001
142hundred and one DalmatiansDodie SmithPenguin Readers2001
143Little red riding hoodN.APenguin Readers2000
144Little red riding hoodN.APenguin Readers2000
145RapunzelN.APenguin Readers1996
146RapunzelN.APenguin Readers1996
147English Phonetics handbook +1cassetteR.TkemaladzeTbilisi2003
148World class 1 (set of books+3cassettes)Michael HarrisLongman1991
149World class 2 (set of books +2 cassettes)Michael HarrisLongman1991
150World class 3 (set of books +3 cassettes)Michael HarrisLongman1991
151World class 4 (set of books +3 cassettes)Michael HarrisLongman1991
152World class 4 (set of books +3 cassettes)Michael HarrisLongman1991
153World class 4 (set of books +3 cassettes)Michael HarrisLongman1991
154Chatterbox1 . (set of books +1 cassette)Derek AtrangeOxford Univ.Press1989
155Chatterbox 1 . (set of books +1 cassette)Derek AtrangeOxford Univ.Press1989
156Chatterbox 1 . (set of books +1 cassette)Derek AtrangeOxford Univ.Press1989
157Chatterbox 3 . (set of books +1 cassette)Derek AtrangeOxford Univ.Press1989
158Chatterbox 3 . (set of books +1 cassette)Derek AtrangeOxford Univ.Press1989
159Chaterbox3 (set of books +1 cassette)Derek AtrangeOxford Univ.Press1989
160New grammar practice (pre-inter.sb)Elaine WalkerLongman2000
161Grammar practice(for upper-Inter.)Elaine WalkerLongman2000
162Grammar practice (for elementary st)Elaine WalkerLongman2000
163How English worksMichael SwanOxford Univ.Press1997
164English voabulary in use(advanced)Michael McCarthyCambridge Univ.Press2002
165English vocabulary in use (Pre-inter.)Stuart RedmanCambridge Univ.Press2002
166English vocabulary in use (upper int ,advan)Michael McCarthyCambridge Univ.Press1994
167English vocabulary in use (upper inter.)Michael McCarthyCambridge Univ.Press2001
168 English vocabulary in use (elementary)Michael McCarthyCambridge Univ.Press1999
169 English vocabulary in use (elementary)Michael McCarthyCambridge Univ.Press1999
170Essential grammar in use(supplem)Helen NaylorCambridge Univ.Press1996
171Essential grammar in use(supplem)Helen NaylorCambridge Univ.Press1996
172Grammar- a students guideJames R. HurfordCambridge Univ.Press1994
173More grammar gamesMario RinvolucriCambridge Univ.Press1995
174Grammar gamesMario RinvolucriCambridge Univ.Press1984
175Creative grammar practiceGunter GerngrossLongman1992
176Introducing the UsaMilada BroukalLongman1993
177All about the USAMilada BroukalLongman1991
178An illustrated history of BritainDavid McDowallLongman2003
179An illustrated history of the USABryn O’CallaghanLongman2002
180The American waysJoann Crandalllongman1997
181Spotlight on USARandee FalkOxford Univ.press1993
182Spotlight on BritainSusan SheerinOxford Univ.press2002
183LondonN.ACommonwealth Office1995
184Britain explored +1cassettePoul HarveyLongman2002
185Discover EnglishRod BolithoHeinemann1995
186Britain exploredPaul HarveyLongman1996
187Oxford guide to British and Amer.cult.Jonathan CrowtherOxford Univ.press1999
188Kings and queens of BritainTim VicaryOxford Univ.press2001
189New Yorkers +1 cassetteO.HenryOxford Univ.press1997
190Focus on English speaking countriesCarol ChristianPrentice Hall Macmilann1996
191Titanic +1cassetteTim VicaryOxford Univ.press2001
192American customs and traditionsterry TomschaLongman1990
193Cambridge Ronald carterLongman1999
194CaliforniaJohn EscottOxford Univ.press2000
195Business opportunities (set of books+2cas)Vicki HollettOxford Univ.press1994
196Business opportunities (set of books+2cas)Vicki HollettOxford Univ.press1994
197Business opportunities (set of books+2cas)Vicki HollettOxford Univ.press1994
198Business opportunities (set of books+2cas)Vicki HollettOxford Univ.press1994
199Business opportunities (set of books+2cas)Vicki HollettOxford Univ.press1994
200Business opportunities (set of books+2cas)Vicki HollettOxford Univ.press1994
201Business opportunities (setoff books)Anna PhillipsOxford Univ.press1994
202Business objectives . (set of books +1cas)Anna PhillipsOxford Univ.press1996
203Business objectives . (set of books +1cas)Anna PhillipsOxford Univ.press1996
204Business objectives . (set of books +1cas)Anna PhillipsOxford Univ.press1996
205Business objectives . (set of books +1cas)Anna PhillipsOxford Univ.press1996
206Business objectives . (set of books +1cas)Anna PhillipsOxford Univ.press1996
207Power house inter. David EvansLongman1998
208Power house upper inter.Peter StruttLongman2000
209 lang. of English(gram.and functi)Nick BriegerPrentice hall Inter.LT1996
210 lang. of business English (wb)Nick BriegerPrentice hall Inter.LT1996
211Interface TBTom HutchinsonLongman1984
212Interface S.B .+1cassetteTom HutchinsonLongman1984
213Teaching business EnglishMark EllisOxford Univ.Press1994
214Business English recipesJudy IrigoinLongman1995
215We are in business (set of books +3cas)Susan NormanLongman1993
216We are in business (set of books +3cas)Susan NormanLongman1993
217Business letters for allBertha J.NateropOxford Univ.Press2001
218Test your professional EnglishSteve FlindersPenguin English2002
219We are in business T.BSusan NormanLongman1993
220Financial English +2cassettesSusan NormanBBC English1986
221BBC business English +3cassettesRoger OwenBBC English1992
222Beneath the surfaceSamuela EckstutLongman1989
223Widely readSamuela EckstutLongman1989
224First impressionssamuela EckstutLongman1989
225Teaching oral EnglishDonn ByrneLongman1986
226Teaching English through EnglishJane WillisLongman1981
227Teaching reading skillsChristine NuttallHienemann1981
228Start building your voc.John FlowerLTP Language1995
229Build your voc.(1 )John FlowerLTP Language1995
230Build your voc.(2 )John FlowerLTP Language1995
231Build your voc.(3 )John FlowerLTP Language1995
232Writing in English(1 )Anita PincasMacmillan Publisher1982
233Writing in English(2 )Anita PincasMacmillan Publisher1982
234Writing in English( 3 )Anita PincasMacmillan Publisher1982
235Speaking elementaryAlan maleyOxford Univ. Press1990
236Speaking intermediateRod EllisOxford Univ. Press1987
237Writing elementaryDiann GruberOxford Univ. Press1987
239Listening elementary +1cassetteAlan maleyOxford Univ. Press1990
240Listening intermediate +2 cassettesVivien DunnOxford Univ. Press1996
241Listening advanced +2cassettesJane RevellOxford Univ. Press1988
242Listening Upper-intermediate +1casset.Shelagh RixonOxford Univ. Press1988
243Cutting edge starterPeter MoorLongman2002
244Cutting edge (wb) elementaryPeter MoorLongman2002
245Cutting edge edge elementary(sb)Peter MoorLongman2002
246Cutting inter element.(tb)Peter MoorLongman2002
247Cutting edge(tb)Peter MoorLongman2002
248Cutting edge(sb)Peter MoorLongman2002
249Cutting edge(sb)Peter MoorLongman2002
250Snapshot Intermed.(tb)Fran LinleyLongman2000
251Snapshot intermediate lang.boosterPatricia MugglestonLongman2000
252Snapshot lang.boosterPatricia MugglestonLongman2000
253Snapshot interm(sb)Fran LinleyLongman2000
264Go! 2 ( A.B )Olivia DateLongman1996
265Go! 2 (T.B.)Olivia DateLongman1996
266Starters ( T.B) +2cassettesAndrea HarriesDelta Publishing1998
267Starters S.B. Andrea HarriesDelta Publishing1998
268New headway elem. (set of books +3cas.)Liz and John SoarsOxford Univ.Press2000
269New headway elementary w bLiz and John SoarsOxford Univ.Press2000
270New headway elementary s.b.Liz and John SoarsOxford Univ.Press2000
271New headway elementary w.b.Liz and John SoarsOxford Univ.Press2000
272New headway elementary t.b.Liz and John SoarsOxford Univ.Press2000
273New headway pre inter. T.b.Liz and John SoarsOxford Univ.Press2000
274New headway pre inter. S.b.Liz and John SoarsOxford Univ.Press2000
275New headway pre inter. S. b.Liz and John SoarsOxford Univ.Press2000
276New headway pre inter. W.b.Liz and John SoarsOxford Univ.Press2000
277New headwaypre interm. W.b.Liz and John SoarsOxford Univ.Press2000
278New headway upper t.b.Liz and John SoarsOxford Univ.Press2000
279New headway upper interm. W.b.Liz and John SoarsOxford Univ.Press2000
280New headway upper inter. S.b.Liz and John SoarsOxford Univ.Press2000
281New headway upper inter. W.b.Liz and John SoarsOxford Univ.Press2000
282New headway upper inter. S.b.Liz and John SoarsOxford Univ.Press2000
283Headstarter beginner t.b.Tim FallaOxford Univ.Press2000
284Headstart s.b beginnerTim FallaOxford Univ.Press2000
285Hedstart w.b. beginnerTim FallaOxford Univ.Press2000
286Headstart w.b. beginnerTim FallaOxford Univ.Press2000
287Headstart w.b. beginnerTim FallaOxford Univ.Press2000
288Round-up6 (S.B.)Virginia EvansLongmann1995
289Round-up6 ( T.B.)Virginia EvansLongmann1995
290New streetwise upper intermediateRob NolascoOxford Univ.Press1999
291New streetwise upper interm wbRob NolascoOxford Univ.Press1999
292New streetwise upper intermediate t.bRob NolascoOxford Univ.Press1999
293New streetwise intermediate w.b.Rob NolascoOxford Univ.Press1999
294New streetwise intermediate s.b.Rob NolascoOxford Univ.Press1999
295New streetwise intermediate t.b.Rob NolascoOxford Univ.Press1999
296New streetwise practice bookRob NolascoOxford Univ.Press1999
297Think ahead to first certif.Jon NaumtonLongman1996
298Think ahead to first certif.Jon NaumtonLongman1996
299Think ahead to first certif.Jon NaumtonLongman1996
300Interm. reading comprehension (S.B)Ian GordonMacmillan2001
301Quest t.b. 1Gabriella LazzeriLongman1998
302Quest 1Gabriella LazzeriLongman1998
304Quest 2 (T.B.)Gabriella LazzeriLongman1998
305Quest 2 (W.B)Gabriella LazzeriLongman1998
306Quest 2 (S.B)Gabriella LazzeriLongman1998
307Television English 1 Jane WillisBBC English1985
308Television English 2 Jane WillisBBC English1985
309Television English 3Jane WillisBBC English1985
310Television English 4Jane WillisBBC English1985
311Television English 5 Jane WillisBBC English1985
312Television EnglishJane WillisBBC English1985
313New hotline . T.BTom HutchisonOxford Univ.Press1991
314New hotline . W.B +2 cassettesTom HutchisonOxford Univ.Press1991
315Bukia 8 th form testTatiana BukiaDiogene2001
316Bukia 8th form TestsTatiana BukiaDiogene2001
317Bukia 8th form W.B.Tatiana BukiaDiogene2001
318Bukia 8th form w.b.Tatiana BukiaDiogene2001
319Bukia 8th form T.B.Tatiana BukiaDiogene2001
320Bukia 8th form S.B.Tatiana BukiaDiogene2001
321Bukia 7th form s.b.Tatiana BukiaDiogene2001
322Bukia 7th form w.b. (whole set)Tatiana BukiaDiogene2001
323Bukia 5th form T.BTatiana BukiaDiogene2001
324Quickcheck Placement testsW.S.FowlerLongman1995
325Bukia 7th form T.B.Tatiana BukiaDiogene2001
326Bukia 7th form testsTatiana BukiaDiogene2001
327Bukia 6th form s.b.Tatiana BukiaDiogene2001
328Bukia 6th form testsTatiana BukiaDiogene2001
329Family Album USA 1Howard BeckermanPrentice Hall Regents1990
330Family album USA 2Howard BeckermanPrentice Hall Regents1990
331The good grammar bookVirginia EvansLongmann1994
332Round up (5 )Virginia EvansLongmann1994
333Round up 6 )Virginia EvansLongmann1994
334Round-up starterVirginia EvansLongmann1994
335Preparation PET practice +1 cassetteAnn WardOxford univ.Press1995
336KET practice tests +2 cassettesAnnette CapelOxford2000
337Chatterbox (2)Derek AtrangeOxford Univ.Press1989
338Chatterbox (2)Derek AtrangeOxford Univ.Press1989
339Snapshot (intermediate T.B.)Fran LinleyLongman2000
340Snapshot Intermediate Lang. boosterPatricia MugglestonLongman2000
341Snapshot Intermediate (S.B.)Fran LinleyLongman2000
342Grazdanskoe obrazobaniaTea GvelesianiDiogene2003
343Grazdanskoe obrazobaniaTea GvelesianiDiogene2003
344Samokalako ganatlebaPatrick Daley Mary Glasgow Magazine2002
345For and againstJane MylesMary Glasgow Magazine2002
346Holidays & special days in the USA +2videoJane MylesMary Glasgow Magazine2002
347Classic playsN/A.Mary Glasgow Magazine2002
348Timesaver writing Gwen berwickMary Glasgow Magazine2002
349Festivals and special days in britanMelanie BirdsallMary Glasgow Magazine2002
350Timesaver personality quizzesViv LambertMary Glasgow Magazine2002
351Timesaver playsJane MylesMary Glasgow Magazine2002
352Intermediate vocabularyB.J.ThomasLongman1986
353Test your IdiomsPeter Watcyn-JonesPenguin Books2002
354Cambridge starterN/A.Cambridge Univ.Press2001
355We mean business (set of books +1 cas)Susan NormanLongman1993
356Canterbury talesGeoffrey ChaucerPenguin Books2000
357Robinson CrusoeDaniel DefoePenguin Books2002
358New hotline starter ( W.B.) Tom HutchinsonOxford univ.Press1998
359New hotline starter ( T.B.) Tom HutchinsonOxford univ.Press1998
360Cambridge MoversN/A.Cambridge Univ.Press1995
361Advanced vocabulary(Elem.voc)B.J.ThomasLongman1989
362Word class 2
363World classs 3
364Teen life-ukBarry TomalinMary Glasgow Magazine2002
365Raps! For learning English +1 cassetteSarah JohnsonMary Glasgow Magazine2002
367Communication starters
368Tales from Hans Anderson +1 cassetteKaren HilmesPenguin Readers2000
369Jane Eyre +1 cassetteCharlotte Bronte’sPenguin Readers2000
370The diary of a young girlPenguin Readers2000
371Classic stories mystery and adventurePenguin Readers2000
372Three adventures of Sherlock Holmes +3cassettesConan DoylePenguin Readers2000
373MadameBovary +2 cassettesGustave FlaubertPenguin Readers1992
374Oliver TwistCh. DickensPenguin Readers2000
375Five famous fairy tales +1 cassetteJane RollasonPenguin Readers2000
376Shakespeare +2 cassettesWill FlowerPenguin Readers2001
Room 13 and other ghost storiesM.R. JamesHeinemann1992
384Dance chants +1cassetteNana MakhitashviliETAG2003
386 Oregon TrailFrancis ParkmanPlaymore,INC.1979
390Reading gamesJill HadfieldLongman1995
391Intermediate communication gamesJill HadfieldLongman1990
392Communication startersJudy Winn-bell Alemany Press1977
393Applying for a job in EnglishM.D.Spoonerpenguin books1990
394Everyday business English for workIan BadgerLongman2003
395True stories in the newsSandra HeyerLongman1996
396Business presentationAnne-Freitag Longman1996
397Lessons with laugherGeorge woolardLTP Language1999
398Grammar with laugherGeorge woolardLTP Language1999
399Grammar 2Jennifer SeidlOxford Univ. Press2002
400Grammar 3Jennifer SeidlOxford Univ. Press2002
401Grammar4Jennifer SeidlOxford Univ. Press2002
402Start with words and picturesShirley BurridgeOxford Univ. Press1985
403Business correspondence(Inter)Lin LougheedLongman2003
404Do and understandGunter GerngrossLongman1996
405New stepping stones1 (A.B.)John Clark Longman2003
406New stepping stones 1 (S.B.)
407New stepping stones 2(T.B.)
408New stepping stones 2 ( S.B.)
409New stepping stones 2(A.B.)
410New stepping stones(1) (T.B.)John Clark Longman2003
411Discover America +3cassettesTomas KralUS depart.of state1999
412Test your business English (general)J.S.McKellenPenguin Books1990
413Test your professional English (medical)Alison PohlPenguin Books2002
414Boost your vocabulary 1.Chris BarkerPenguin Engl.Guides2001
415Boost your vocabulary 3Chris BarkerPenguin Engl.Guides2001
416Boost your vocabulary 4Chris BarkerPenguin Engl.Guides2001
418Grammar time(6)Sandy JervisLongman2004
419Grammar time (5)Sandy JervisLongman2004
420Grammar time (4)Sandy JervisLongman2004
421Grammar time (3)Sandy JervisLongman2004
422Grammar time (2)Sandy JervisLongman2004
423Grammar time (1)Sandy JervisLongman2004
424Composition through picturesJ.B.HeatonLongman1997
425Animals(Poster)Sue VaudinMcmillan2000
426My day(Poster)Sue VaudinMcmillan2000
427Positions(Poster)Sue VaudinMcmillan2000
458Sports(Poster)Sue VaudinMcmillan2000
459In the classroom(Poster)mSue VaudinMcmillan2000
430 face(Poster)Sue VaudinMcmillan2000
431In the playground(Poster)dSue VaudinMcmillan2000
432 family(Poster)Sue VaudinMcmillan2000
433Food(Poster)Sue VaudinMcmillan2000
434Colors(Poster)Sue VaudinMcmillan2000
435Toys(Poster)Sue VaudinMcmillan2000
436Transport(Poster)Sue VaudinMcmillan2000
437writing IntermediateMarie-Christine Oxford Suppl.Skills1987
438World English (1) S.B. +6 cassetresMary ChristieHarcourt, Brace Inter.1982
439World English (1) W.B. +6 cassetresMary ChristieHarcourt, Brace Inter.1982
440World English (1) T.B. +6 cassetresMary ChristieHarcourt, Brace Inter.1982
441World English (2) Mary ChristieHarcourt, Brace Inter.1981
442World English (3) T.BJudith PierpontHarcourt, Brace Inter.1983
443World English (3) S.BMary ChristieHarcourt, Brace Inter.1982
444World English (3) W.BMary ChristieHarcourt, Brace Inter.1982
445World English (4) S.BMary ChristieHarcourt, Brace Inter.1982
446World English (5) set of books +6 casset.Nancy ZelmanHarcourt, Brace Inter.1982
447World English (6) set of books +6 casset.Mary ChristieHarcourt, Brace Inter.1982
448Dialogues journals with writing Joy Kreeft PeytonU.S.depart.of States2002
449Language teaching methods +2videosDiane larsen-FreemU.S.depart.of States1990
450Portraits in words Thomas KralUS Inform.Division1992
451Twelve famous AmericansThomas KralUS Inform.Division1994
452Writing skills practice book for EFLParticia W.PetersonU.S.depart.of States2003
453World English (2) S.BMary ChristieHarcourt, Brace Inter.1981
454World English (2) W.BMary ChristieHarcourt, Brace Inter.1981
455Sara says no Norman WhitneyMacmillan2002
456The briefcase Stephen ColbournMacmillan2002
457L.A. detectivePhilip ProwseMacmillan2002
458 sky’s the limitNorman WhitneyHeinemann1992
459 house on the hillElizabeth LairdMacmillan2002
460Winning and losingT.C.JuppMacmillan2002
461Money for a motorbikeJohn MilneMacmillan2002
462Dangerous journeyAlwyn CoxMacmillan2002
463Good wivesLouisa M.AlcottHeinemann1999
464Jane Eyre Charlotte Bronte’sMacmilann2000
465The house in the pictureM.R.JamesMacmilann2002
466Little women Louisa M.AlcottMacmilann2002
467 TheWallStephen ColbournMacmilann2002
468The last LeafO. HenryMacmilann2002
469The Mill on the flossGeorge EliotMacmilann2002
470Washington SquareHenry jamesMacmilann2002
471Oliver Twist +1cassette Charles dickensMacmilann2002
472Dear Jan Love ruthNick McIverMacmilann2002
473Picture puzzleJohn EscottMacmilann2003
474Northanger abbeyJane AustenHeinemann2002
475 Trumpet majorThomas HardyMacmilann2002
476The Man in the iron maskAlexandre DumasMacmilann2002
477Night VisitorR.MacAndrewMacmilann2002
478The Adventure of Huckleberry FinMark TwainMacmilann2002
479The last leafO.HenryMacmilann2002
480 Tales of two citiesCharles dickensMacmilann2002
481Jane Eyre Charlotte Bronte’sMacmilann2000
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