Telavi Office

Telavi Branch of ETAG started to operate inĀ 1996. It unites teachers from school and University. Both from Private sectors. Telavi Branch has British Council ETAG approved trainers and conducts professional development trainings in language development and methodology.

The office has a small library of ELT textbooks and literature.

Contact Person:Ketevan Barkhudanasvili
Established:December 1996
Phone:Mob. +995 593 92 52 06

001(1)Oxford Advanced Learn.DictionaryA.C HornbyOxford University Press
002(1)Oxford Guide to British and American CultureJonathan CrowtherOxford University Press
003(1)Oxford Dictionary of Phrasal VerbsA.P.Cowie R.Mackin Oxford University Press
004(1)Oxford Dictionary of English IdiomsA.P.Cowie R.Mackin Oxford University Press
005(1)Longman Business English DictionaOxford University Press
006(1)Longman Preparation Course for the TOEFL TEST.Volume A.B.Deborah PhilipsOxford University Press
007(1)Cutting Edge Starter S.B.S.Cunningh.P.MoorLongman
008(1)Cutting Edge Starter W.B.P.Moor C.RedstonLongman
009(1)Cutting Edge Starter T.B.S.Cunningh.P.MoorLongman
010(1)Cutting Edge Intermediate S.B.S.Cunningh.P.MoorLongman
011(1)Cutting Edge IntermediateW.B.J.Comyms C.Franc.Longman
012(1)Cutting Edge Intermediate T.B.J.C.Carr S.Cunning.Longman
013(1)Cutting Edge Upper Interm.S.B.S.Cunningh.P.MoorLongman
014(1)Cuttung Egde Upper Intermed.W.B.J.C.Carr S.Cunning.Longman
015(1)Cutting Edge Upper Interm.T.B.S.Cunningh.P.MoorLongman
016(1)New Headway Elementary S.B.L.and J.SoarsOxford University Press
017(1)New Headway ElementaryW.B.L.and J.SoarsOxford University Press
018(1)New Headway Elementary T.B.L.and J.SoarsOxford University Press
019(1)New Headway Upper Interm.S.B.L.and J.SoarsOxford University Press
020(1)New Headway Upper Interm.W.B.L.and J.SoarsOxford University Press
021(1)New Headway Upper Interm.T.B.L.and J.SoarsOxford University Press
022(1)New Streerwise Intermediate S.B.Rob.NolascoOxford University Press
023(1)New Streerwise Intermediate W.B.Rob.NolascoOxford University Press
024(1)New Streetwise Intermediate T.B.Rob.NolascoOxford University Press
025(10New Streetwise Upper Interm. S.B.Rob.NolascoOxford University Press
026(1)New Streetwise Upper Inter.W.B.Rob.NolascoOxford University Press
027(1)New Streetwise Upper Interm.T.B.Rob.NolascoOxford University Press
028(1)Snapshot Intermediate S.B.B.Abbs I.FreebainLongman
029(1)Snapshot Intermediate W.B.B.Abbs I.FreebainLongman
030(1)Snapshot Intermediate T.B.F.Linley B.AbbsLongman
031(1)FCE Gold S.B.R.Acklam S.BurgessLongman
032(1)FCE Gold W.B.R.Acklam S.BurgessLongman
033(1)FCE Gold T.B.R.Acklam S.BurgessLongman
034(1)FCE Gold Practice ExamsAmos ParanLongman
035(1)FCE Practice Tests 1M.Harrison R.KerrOxford University Press
036(1)FCE Practice Tests 2M.Harrison R.KerrOxford University Press
037(1)FCE Masterclass S.B.S.Haines B.StewartOxford University Press
038(1)FCE Masterclass W.B.S.Haines B.StewartOxford University Press
039(1)FCE Masterclass T.B.S.Haines B.StewartOxford University Press
040(1)New Success at FCE S.B.R.O'neillM.DuckworthOxford University Press
041(1)New Success at FCE W.B.R.O'neillM.DuckworthOxford University Press
042(1)New Success at FCE T.B.R.O'neillM.DuckworthOxford University Press
043(1)Think Ahead S.B.J.NauntonLongman
044(1)Think Ahead W.B.J.NauntonLongman
045(1)Think Ahead T.B.J.NauntonLongman
046(1)Think Practice ExamsJ.NauntonLongman
047(1)Headstart S.B.B.Beaven L.J.SoarsOxford University Press
048(1)Headstart W.B.Tim FallaOxford University Press
049(1)Headstart T.B.Tim FallaOxford University Press
050(1)World Class 2 S.B.M.Harris. D.MowerLongman
051(1)World Class 2 W.B.M.Harris. D.MowerLongman
052(1)World Class 2 T.B.M.Harris. D.MowerLongman
053(1)World Class 4 S.B.M.Harris. D.MowerLongman
054(1)World Claas 4 W.B.Olivia DateLongman
055(1)World Class 4 T.B.M.Harris. D.MowerLongman
056(1)Chatterbox 1 P.B.Derek StrangeOxford University Press
057(1)Chatterbox 1W.B.Derek StrangeOxford University Press
058(1)Chatterbox 1 T.B.Derek StrangeOxford University Press
059(1)Chatterbox 3 P.B.J.A.HoldernessOxford University Press
060(1)Chatterbox 3 W.B.Derek StrangeOxford University Press
061(1)Chatterbox 3 T.B.J.A.HoldernessOxford University Press
062(1)Chatterbox 4 P.B.J.A.HoldernessOxford University Press
063(1)Chatterbox 4 W.B.Derek StrangeOxford University Press
064(1)Chatterbox 4 T.B.J.A.HoldernessOxford University Press
065(1)Business Opportunities S.B.V.HolletOxford University Press
066(1)Business Opportunities W.B.V.HolletOxford University Press
067(1)Business Opportunities T.B.A.Pillips T.PillipsOxford University Press
068(1)Business Objectives S.B.V.HolletOxford University Press
069(1)Business Objectives W.B.V.HolletOxford University Press
070(1)Business Objectives T.B.A.Pillips T.PillipsOxford University Press
071(1)Business Letters For AllB.J.Naterop E.WeisOxford University Press
072(1)Round up 6Virginia EvansLongman
073(1)Round up 6 T.B.Virginia EvansLongman
074(1)How English WorksM.Swam.C.Walter Oxford University Press
075(1)Grammar Practice for Elementary St.E.Walker S.ElsworthLongman
076(1)Grammar Practice for Pre-Intermediate StudentsE.Walker S.ElsworthLongman
077(1)Grammar Practice for Upper-Intermediate StudentsE.Walker S.ElsworthLongman
078(1)English Grammar in Use Supplement. Exercises ElementaryH.Naylor R.MurphyCambridge University Press
079(1)English Vocabulary in Use Element.M.McCarthy O'DellCambridge University Press
080(1)English Vocabulary in Use Pre-Interm. and IntermediateM.McCarthy O'DellCambridge University Press
081(1)English Vocabulary in Use Up.-Inter.M.McCarthy O'DellCambridge University Press
082(1)English Vocabulary in Use AdvancedM.McCarthy O'DellCambridge University Press
083(1)WordbuilderGuy Wellman
084(1)Test Your Professional EnglishS.Flinder N.BriegerPenguin English Guides
085(1)Test Your VerbsJake AllsopPenguin English Guides
086(1)Test Your ListeningTricia AspinalPenguin English Guides
087(1)Test Your ReadingMichael DeanPenguin English Guides
088(1)Test Your PrepositionsP.Watsyn-JonesPenguin English Guides
089(1)test Your IdiomsP.Watsyn-JonesPenguin English Guides
090(1)Have Fun with VocabularyA.Barnes.J.HinesPenguin English Guides
091(1)Practise WritingM.StephenLongman
092(1)Practise advanced WritingM.StephenLongman
093(1)Spotlight on BritainS.SheerinOxford University Press
094(1)Britain ExploredP.HarveyLongman
095(1)An Illustrated History of BritainD.McDowallLongman
096(1)Spotlight on USAR.FalkOxford American English
097(1)The American WaysJ.CrandallLongman
098(1)An Illustrated History of the USAB.O'CallaghanLongman
099(1)All About the USAM.BroukalLongman
100(1)Introdusing the USAM.BroukalLongman
101(1)Diana Princess of WalesTim VicaryOxford University Press
102(1)TitanicTim VicaryOxford University Press
103(1)Modern Short StoriesP.J.TaylorOxford University Press
104(1)Best Detective Stories of A.ChristieAg.ChristieLongman
105(1)The Plantom of the OperaJ.BassettOxford Bookworms Library
106(1)Marcel and the White HouseS.RableyLongman
107(1)The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Mark TwainLongman
108(1)Aladdin and the LampM.WilliamsLongman
109(1)The Ghost HouseJ.EscottLongman
110(1)The Elves and the ShoemakerM.CrookLongman
111(1)The Room in the TowerR.KiplingLongman
112(1)The Call of the WildJ.LondonLongman
113(1)Tales from the Arabian NightsA.CollinsLongman
114(1)Treasure IslandR.L.Stevenson Longman
115(1)Black BeautyA.SewellLongman
116(1)The Fall of the House of UsherE.A.PoeLongman
118(1)A Scandal in BohemiaS.A.Conan DoyleLongman
119(1)Stories from ShakespeareA.CollinsLongman
120(1)The Lost WorldM.CrichtonLongman
121(1)The Red PonyJ.SteinbeckLongman
122(1)The Doll's House and other StoriesK.MansfieldLongman
123(1)Tales from ShakespeareC.M.LambLongman
124(1)Sons and LoversD.H.LawrenceLongman
125(1)Stories of Detection and MysteryA.ChristieLongman
126(1)RebeccaD.Du MaurierLongman
127(1)The Hound of the BaskervillesS.A.Conan DoyleLongman
128(1)The Great GatsbyF.S.FitzgeraldLongman
129(1)Great ExpectationsC.DickensLongman
130(1)The MoonstoneW.CollinsLongman
131(1)East of EdenJ.SteinbeckLongman
132(1)Presumed InnocentS.TurowLongman
133(1)The Adventures of Tom Sawyer M.TwainOxford Bookworms Library
134(1)The Lighter Side of TEFLT.KlarEnglish Teaching Forum
These books are given by Marina Javakhishvili
135(1)Business Opportunities S.B.V.HolletOxford University Press
136(1)Business Opportunities W.B.V.HolletOxford University Press
137(1)Business Opportunities T.B.A.Phillips T.PhillipsOxford University Press
138(1)The Language of Business W.B.N.Brieger S.SweenPrentice Hall
139(1)The Language of Business S.B..N.Brieger S.SweenPrentice Hall
140(1)We Mean Business Elem.S.B.S.NormanLongman
141(1)We Mean Business Elem.W.B.S.NormanLongman
142(1)We Mean Business Elem.T.B.S.NormanLongman
143(1)We Are In Business Elemen.W.B.S.NormanLongman
144(1)Business English RecipesJ.IrigoinLongman
145(1)EconomicsC.St.J.YatesPrentice Hall
146(1)Economics T.B.C.St.J.YatesPrentice Hall
147(1)English for Inter.Banking and Finan.J.CorbettCambridge University Press
148(1)English in MedicineE.Glend B.Holmstr.Cambridge University Press
149(1)Developing English with Young Lear.Opal Dunn Modern English Publication
150(1)Self-AccessS.SheerinOxford English
151(1)Humanism in Language TeachingE.W.StevickOxford University Press
152(1)The Recipe BookS.LindstrombergLongman
153(1)Teaching EnglishM.MurciaH.H.Publisher
154(1)Planning ClassworkS.Estaire J.ZanonHeinemen
155(1)Understand.Developing Lang.TestC.WeirELT
156(1)The Confidence BookP.Davis Longman
157(1)Classroom Observation TasksR.WajntybCambridge University Press
158(1)Collaborative Lang.Lear.and Teach.D.NunanCambridge University Press
159(1)English for Specific PurposesT.HutchinsonCambridge University Press
160(1)More Dialogues for everyday useD.CurryWashingto DC
161(1)Dialogues for everyday useD.CurryWashingto DC
162(1)The Learner-Centred CurriculumD.NunanCambridge University Press
163(1)Communicative Language TestingC.Y.WeirPrentice Hall
164(1)Second Lang.LearningS.D.KrashenPrentice Hall
165(1)Managing Curricular InnovationN.MarkeeCambridge University Press
166(1)Discover EnglishR.BolitboHeinemen
167(1)Syllabus DesignD.NunanOxford University Press
168(1)Contrastive RhetoricU.ConnorCambridge University Press
169(1)Writing IntermediateA.MaleyOxford University Press
170(1)Writing in English A.PincasELT
171(1)Writing in English A.PincasELT
172(1)Writing in English A.PincasELT
173(1)Writing ElementaryA.MaleyOxford University Press
174(1)Techniques in Teaching Vocabul.A.RaimesOxford University Press
175(1)WritingA.MaleyOxford University Press
176(1)Creating Stories with ChildrenA.MaleyOxford University Press
178(1)Talking TextsR.HolmeLongman
179(1)Short and SweetA.MaleyOxford University Press
180(1)Techniques in Teaching WritingF.AllenOxford University Press
181(1)Start Building Your VocabularyJ.FlowerLTP Language
182(1)English For the TeacherM.SprattCambridge University Press
183(1)FCE Course T.B.S.Morris Longman
184(1)Spotlite on FCE S.B.J.MyersCassell
185(1)Listen CarefullyJ.G.RichardsOxford University Press
186(1)Developing Listening SkillsS.RixonModern English Publication
187(1)Listening ElementaryA.MaleyOxford University Press
188(1)English Speaking CountriesC.CkristianELT
189(1)Creative Grammar PracticeG.GerngrossLongman
190(1)Drama Activities for Language LearJ.DougillModern English Publication
191(1)The Seeds of SpeechJ.AitchisonCambridge University Press
192(1)The Storytelling Handbook for TeacG.EllisPenguin Books
193(1)Foreign and Second Language LearW.LittlewoodCambridge University Press
194(1)Family Album, USAHoward BeckermanCollier Macmillan Canada
195(1)The Challence of DemocracyK.JandaHoughton Miflin
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196(1)Oxford WordpowerMiranda SteelOxford University Press
197(1)Oxford Elementary Learners DictionAngela CrawleyOxford University Press
198(1)Oxford Advanced Learner's Diction.S.WehmeierOxford University Press
199(1)The Oxford Picture DictionaryN.ShapiroOxford University Press
200(1)Cambridge Practice Tests for FCEP.CarneCambridge University Press
201(1)Practical English UsageM.SwanOxford University Press
202(1)Cambridge FCE Listen. And SpeakSue O'ConnelCambridge University Press
203(1)Cambridge FCE WritingC.LawdayCambridge University Press
204(1)Cambridge FCE Gramm.and UsageB.ObeeCambridge University Press
205(1)Cambridge FCE ReadingP.RobertsCambridge University Press
206(1)New Headway Intermediate S.B.L.J.SoarsOxford University Press
207(1)New Headway Intermediate W.B.L.J.SoarsOxford University Press
208(1)New Headway Intermediate T.B.L.J.SoarsOxford University Press
209(1)World Class 1 S.B.M.HarrisLongman
210(1)World Class 1 W.B.M.HarrisLongman
211(1)World Class 3 T.B.M.HarrisLongman
212(1)World Class 3 S.B.M.HarrisLongman
213(1)World Class 3 W.B.M.HarrisLongman
214(1)Chatterbox 2 P.B.D.StrangeOxford University Press
215(1)Chatterbox 2 A.B.D.StrangeOxford University Press
216(1)Bravo 3 P.B.J.WestELT
217(1)Bravo 3 A.B.J.WestELT
218(1)Bravo 4 P.B.J.WestELT
219(1)Bravo 4 A.B.J.WestELT
220(1)Very Easy True StoriesS.Heyer Longman
221(1)Easy True StoriesS.Heyer Longman
222(1)True Stories in the NewsS.Heyer Longman
223(1)More True StoriesS.Heyer Longman
224(1)Even More True StoriesS.Heyer Longman
225(1)What a Life High BeginningM.BroukalLongman
226(1)What a Life BeginningM.BroukalLongman
227(1)What a Life Interm.M.BroukalLongman
228(1)For Your Information IntroK.BlanchardLongman
229(1)For Your Information 1K.BlanchardLongman
230(1)For Your Information 2 K.BlanchardLongman
231(1)Reading PowerS.MikuleckyLongman
232(1)Basic Reading PowerS.MikuleckyLongman
233(1)Round-up StarterV.EvansLongman
234(1)Round-up 5V.EvansLongman
235(1)Fundamentals of Engl.Gramm S.B.B.S.AzarLongman
236(1)Fundamentals of Engl.Gram.W.B.B.S.AzarLongman
237(1)Test for Fundam.of Engl.Gramm.S.A.HagenLongman
238(1)Oxford Practice GrammarJ.EastwoodOxford University Press
239(1)The Good Grammar BookM.SwanOxford University Press
240(1)Writing to CommunicateC.A.BoardmanLongman
241(1)Eye on Editing 1J.S.CainLongman
242(1)Eye on Editing 2J.S.CainLongman
243(1)Test Your: Profess.English Busin.S.FlinderPEG
244(1)Test Your: Profess.English HotelA.PohlPEG
245(1)Test Your: VocabularyP.W.JonesPEG
247(1)The Royal FamilyC.GilchristPenguin Readers
248(1)Rain ManB.MorrowPenguin Readers
249(1)The OscarsV.ShiptonPenguin Readers
250(1)The Grapes of WrathJ.SteinbeckPenguin Readers
251(1)Jane EyreCh.BrontePenguin Readers
252(1)Pride and PrejudiceJ.AustenPenguin Readers
253(1)Jamaica MaurierPenguin Readers
254(1)The Runaway JuryJ.CrishamPenguin Readers
255(1)The BeachA.GarlandPenguin Readers
256(1)Scarlet and BlackStendhalPenguin Readers
257(1)Snow Falling on CedarsD.GutersonPenguin Readers
258(1)Musterious Island (1 cas)J.VernePenguin Readers
259(1)The Adventures of Sherl.Holm.(2c)S.A.C.DoylePenguin Readers
260(1)Shakespeare. His Life and Plays2cW.FowlerPenguin Readers
261(1)The Moonstone (2 cas)W.CollinsPenguin Readers
262(1)Madam Bovary (2 cas)G.FlaubertPenguin Readers
263(1)Timesaver Writing Activities El-InterG.BerwickScholastic
264(1)Social StudiesM.A.ChristisonScholastic
265(1)Timesaver Holidays and Spec DaysJ.MylesScholastic
266(1)Festivals in BritainM.BirdsallScholastic
267(1)For and AgainstP.DaleyScholastic
268(1)Timesaver Personality QuizzesV.LambertScholastic
269(1)Classic PlayesM.GlasgowScholastic
270(1)Timesaver PlaysJ.MylesScholastic
271(1)Teen Life-UK!B.TomalinScholastic
272(1)Raps! For Learning EnglishS.JohnsonScholastic
273(1)Referense Guide to EnglishA.MaclinUSA Department of State
March 2005
274(1)Really Learn 100 Phrasal VerbsC.HowsonOxford University Press
275(1)Boost Your Vocabulary (1)C.BarkerPEG
276(1)Boost Your Vocabulary (2)C.BarkerPEG
277(1)Boost Your Vocabulary (3)C.BarkerPEG
278(1)Boost Your Vocabulary (4)C.BarkerPEG
279(1)Elementary Language PracticeM.VinceMacmillian
280(1)New Headway Pre Int SBJ.andL.SoarsOUP
281(1)New Headway Pre Int WBJ.andL.SoarsOUP
282(1)New Headway Pre Int TBJ.andL.SoarsOUP
283(1)Grammar and Vocab. For FCEL.ProdromouLongman
284(1)Grammar and Vocab. For CAER.SideLongman
285(1)Grammar Time 1S.JervisLongman
286(1)Grammar Time 2S.JervisLongman
287(1)Grammar Time 3S.JervisLongman
288(1)Grammar Time 4S.JervisLongman
289(1)Grammar Time 5S.JervisLongman
290(1)Grammar Time 6S.JervisLongman
291(1)Prof. Testbuilder 2 M. HarrisonELT
292(1)Longman Eng. Gram. PracticeL.G.AlexanderLongman
293(1)Select reading. Pre intL.LeeOUP
294(1)Select reading.Up. intL.LeeOUP
295(1)International ManagementA.PilbeamLongman
296(1)Business LawT.SmithLongman
297(1)Test Your LawN.BriegerPEG
298(1)The World of EnglishM.FarrelLongman
300(1)Britain in Close-upD.Mc.DowallLongman
301(1)Word for WordS.ClarkOUP
302(1)The Penguin guide to Lit. in EngB.CarterPEG
303(1)A Window on the UniverseJ.Bassett OUP
304(1)F/F CaliforniaJ.EscottOxford bookworms2
305(1)The Portrait of a LadyH.JamesPR
306(1)The Black CatE.A.PoePR
307(1)Dr.Jekyll and Mr.HydeR.StevensonPR
308(1)The PearlJ.SteinbeckPR
309(1)Sense and SencibilityJ.AustenPR
310(1)My Fair LadyA.J.LernerPR
311(1)British LifeA.CollinsPR
312(1)Round the world in Eighty DaysJ.WernePR
313(1)The Hound of BaskervillesS.A.K.DoylePR
001(1)Cutting Edge Starter ST.CassP.MoorLongman
002(1)Cutting Edge Starter Class CassS.CunninghamLongman
003(1)Cutting Edge Interm.St.CassJ.C.CarrLongman
004(1)Cutting Edge Interm Class CasS.CunninghamLongman
005(1)Cutting Edge Upper-Interm St.CassJ.C.CarrLongman
006(1)Cutting Edge Upper-Interm Class CS.CunninghamLongman
007(1)New Headway Elemen. St.CasL.J.SoarsOxford University Press
008(1)New Headway Elemen. Class CasL.J.SoarsOxford University Press
009(1)New Headway Upper-Interm.St.CasL.J.SoarsOxford University Press
010(1)New Headway Upper-Inter Class CL.J.SoarsOxford University Press
011(1)New Streetwise Intermediate R.NolascoOxford University Press
012(1)New Streetwise Upper-IntermediateR.NolascoOxford University Press
013(1)Snapshot IntermediateB.AbbsLongman
014(1)FCE Gold CoursebookR.AcklamLongman
015(1)FCE Gold Exam MaximiserS.BurgessLongman
016(1)FCE Practice ExamsA.ParanLongman
017(1)FCE Practice Tests 1M.HarrisonOxford University Press
018(1)FCE Practice Tests 2M.HarrisonOxford University Press
019(1)FCE MasterclassS.HainesOxford University Press
020(1)New Success at FCER O'NeillOxford University Press
021(1)Think FCE Practice Exam.J.NauntonLongman
022(1)Headstart Beggin. Class Cas.B.BeavenOxford University Press
023(1)Headstart Beggin. Stud.Cass.T.FallaOxford University Press
024(1)World Class 2 Class.CassM.Harris Longman
025(1)World Class 2 Act.cas.M.HarrisLongman
026(1)World Class 4 Class CasM.HarrisLongman
027(1)World Class 4 Activ CasM.HarrisLongman
028(1)Chatterbox 3J.A.HoldernessOxford University Press
029(1)Chatterbox 4J.A.HoldernessOxford University Press
030(1)Business ObjectivesV.HolletOxford University Press
031(1)Business OpportunitiesV.HolletOxford University Press
033(1)We're in BusinessS.NormanLongman
034(1)We Mean BusinessS.NormanLongman
035(1)Business OpportunitiesV.HolletOxford University Press
036(1)EconomicsC.St.J.YatesPrentice Hall
037(1)New Headway Interm.St casL.J.SoarsOxford University Press
038(1)New Headway Interm.Class CasL.J.SoarsOxford University Press
039(1)World Class 1 St.CasM.HarrisLongman
040(1)World Class 1 Class CasM.HarrisLongman
041(1)World Class 3 St.Cass M.HarrisLongman
042(1)World Class 3 Class CasM.HarrisLongman
043(1)Chatterbox 2D.StrangeOxford University Press
044(1)FCE Speaking and ListeningS.O'ConnellCambridge University Press
045(1)Proficiency Testbuilder 2 (orig)M.HarrisonELT
Gifted books
315(1)The English Phonetics HandbookR.Tkemaladze
316(1)English for Schools 2000 +T.Bukia
317(1)Get GoingT.Bukia
318(1)Talking EnglishD.Curry
319(1)Developing WritingP.Peterson
320(1)Day By DayD.Curry
321(1)If you feel like singingA>H.Osman
323(1)Teaching Reading
324(1)English GrammarAzar
325(1)Facts about Germany
326(1)Civic Education
328(1)American Literature
329(1)American Government
330(1)American History
331(1)How about Science
332(1)Mind speaks to mind
333(1)Lines from the CaucasusE.Raupp
334(1)Peace is BetterE.Raupp
335(1)Dance ChantsN.Makhitashvili
336(1)Highlights in American Literature
337Portraits in World
338American Panorama
339Old Favourites for all Ages
340Illustrated American Idioms
341Discover America
343Writing Skills
344Dialogue Journal Writing
345American Life anf Institutions
346Making America
347A Crown of Eagles
349Adventures of Huck.Finn
350Tom Saywer
351Red Badge of Courage
352The great Preposition Mystery
353Letter Writing in English
354Effective Techniques for ECG
355Bright Ideas
356Creative Classroom Activities
357Varieties of American English
358Seven of Note
359More Dialogues for Ever.Use
360Language Teaching Methods
Cassettes (gifted)
046(1)The English Phonetics Handbook
048(1)Get Going
049(1)Dance Chants
050(1)Discover America
051(1)Varieties of American English
052(1)Video Cassettes
100 Readers
361(1)Washington SquareH.JamesMacmillan (Classics)
362(1)The Adventures of Huckleberry FinnM.TwainMacmillan (Classics)
363(1)The Trumpet MajorTh.HardyMacmillan (Classics)
364(1)The Man in the Iron MaskA.DumasMacmillan (Classics)
365(1)The Mill on the FlossG.EliotMacmillan (Classics)
366(1)The Last LeafO.HenryMacmillan (Classics)
367(1)A tale of Two CitiesC.DickensMacmillan (Classics)
368(1)The House in the PictureM.R.JamesMacmillan (Classics)
369(1)Little WomenL.M.AlcottMacmillan (Classics)
370(1)Jane EyreC.BronteMacmillan (Classics)
371(1)The Goalkeeper's RevengeB.NaughtonMacmillan (Classics)
372(1)The Narrow PathF.SelormeyMacmillan (Classics)
373(1)The Legends of Sleepy HollowW.IrvingMacmillan (Classics)
374(1)The Canterville GhostO.WildeMacmillan (Classics)
375(1)Why ducks sleep on one LegA.IngramMacmillan (Classics)
376(1)A Christmas CarolCh.DickensMacmillan (Classics)
377(1)The Lost WorldS.A.K.DoyleMacmillan (Classics)
378(1)Tales of HorrorB.StokerMacmillan (Classics)
379(1)Oliver TwistCh.DickensMacmillan (Classics)
380(1)DraculaB.StokerMacmillan (Classics)
381(1)A Marriage of ConvenienceW.S.MaughamMacmillan (Classics)
382(1)Silas MarnerG.EliotMacmillan (Classics)
383(1)Tales of GohaL.CaplanMacmillan (Classics)
384(1)When Rain Clouds GatherB.HeadMacmillan (Classics)
385(1)The Speckled BandS.A.K.DoyleMacmillan (Classics)
386(1)The Eye of the TigerW.SmithMacmillan (Classics)
387(1)Mine BoyP.AbrahamsMacmillan (Classics)
388(1)Our Mutual FriendCh.DickensMacmillan (Classics)
389(1)Great ExpectationsCh.DickensMacmillan (Classics)
390(1)Tales of Ten WorldsA.C.ClarkeMacmillan (Moderns)
391(1)The Boy who was AfraidA.SperryMacmillan (Moderns)
392(1)Shifting into OverdriveD.CreekMacmillan (Moderns)
393(1)I'm the King of CastleS.HillMacmillan (Moderns)
394(1)B-is for BurglarS.GraftonMacmillan (Moderns)
395(1)Used in EvidenceF.ForsythMacmillan (Moderns)
396(1)The Mistress of SpicesC.B.DivakaruniMacmillan (Moderns)
397(1)Sara Says No!N.WhitneyMacmillan (Originals)
398(1)L.A.DetectiveP.ProwseMacmillan (Originals)
399(1)The BriefcaseS.ColbournMacmillan (Originals)
400(1)Dangerous JourneyA.Cox Macmillan (Originals)
401(1)The House on the HillE.LairdMacmillan (Originals)
402(1)The GardenE.LairdMacmillan (Originals)
403(1)The Night VisitorC.LawdayMacmillan (Originals)
404(1)Winning and LosingT.C.JuppMacmillan (Originals)
405(1)Dear Jan-Love RuthN.McIverMacmillan (Originals)
406(1)Picture PuzzleJ.EscottMacmillan (Originals)
407(1)The Long TunnelJ.MilneMacmillan (Originals)
408(1)Money for a MotorbikeJ.MilneMacmillan (Originals)
409(1)Rich Man Poor ManT.C.JuppMacmillan (Originals)
410(1)Anna and the FighterE.LairdMacmillan (Originals)
411(1)The WallS.ColbournMacmillan (Originals)
412(1)A New Year's SurpriseC.LarringtonMacmillan (Originals)
413(1)Road to NowhereJ.MilneMacmillan (Originals)
414(1)The Flower SellerR.PrescottMacmillan (Originals)
415(1)Mei's DreamE.O'ReillyMacmillan (Originals)
416(1)The Man with no NameP.TownMacmillan (Originals)
417(1)Eddy and the Movie StarE.LairdMacmillan (Originals)
418(1)The Black PearlM.LoaderMacmillan (Originals)
419(1)L.A.WinnersP.ProwseMacmillan (Originals)
420(1)The QuestM.LoaderMacmillan (Originals)
421(1)Into the FutureJ.MilneMacmillan (Originals)
422(1)The Space InvadersG.MatthewsMacmillan (Originals)
423(1)The Woman of IronM.LoaderMacmillan (Originals)
424(1)Island in the SunJ.MilneMacmillan (Originals)
425(1)L.A.MovieP.ProwseMacmillan (Originals)
426(1)The Sky's the LimitN.WhitneyHeinemann ELT
427(1)Good WivesL.M.AlcottHeinemann ELT
428(1)Northanger AbbeyJ.AustenHeinemann ELT
429(1)The Signalman and the Ghost Ch.DickensHeinemann ELT
430(1)The Lord of Obama's MessengerM.SiekHeinemann ELT
431(1)The Phantom AirmanA.F.JonesHeinemann ELT
432(1)The Wells of Pandi WarraJ.MilneHeinemann ELT
433(1)The WoodlandersTh.HardyHeinemann ELT
434(1)The Hairless Mexican andtheTraitorW.S.MaughamHeinemann ELT
435(1)BankerD.FrancisHeinemann ELT
436(1)Footprint in the JungleW.S.MaughamHeinemann ELT
437(1)The Queen of SpadesA.PushkinHeinemann ELT
World English Series
438(1)World English (stb 1)Ch. MorrisHarcourt, Brace
439(1)World English (wb 1)Ch. MorrisHarcourt, Brace
440(1)World English (stb 2)Ch. MorrisHarcourt, Brace
441(1)World English (wb 2)Ch. MorrisHarcourt, Brace
442(1)World English (tb 2)Ch. MorrisHarcourt, Brace
443(1)World English (stb 3)Ch. MorrisHarcourt, Brace
444(1)World English (wb 3)Ch. MorrisHarcourt, Brace
445(1)World English (Tb 3)Ch. MorrisHarcourt, Brace
446(1)World English (tb 4)Ch. MorrisHarcourt, Brace
447(1)World English (tb 5)Ch. MorrisHarcourt, Brace
448(1)World English (wb 6)Ch. MorrisHarcourt, Brace
449(1)World English (Tb 6)Ch. MorrisHarcourt, Brace
053(1)World English (1)Ch. MorrisHarcourt, Brace
054(1)World English (5)Ch. MorrisHarcourt, Brace
055(1)World English (6)Ch. MorrisHarcourt, Brace
Gifted books from Us Embassy
450(1)America the BeautifulReader's Digest Assoc.
451(1)Become the MusicV.A. ArnoldMacmillan publish. Comp.
452(1)Backroads of WashingtonA. SatterfieldRand Mc.Nally &Comp.
453(1)Catch a SunflakeV.A. ArnoldMacmillan publish. Comp.
454(1)Sing it to the SeaV.A. ArnoldMacmillan publish. Comp.
455(1) P.LerangisNewbridge Educ. Publ.
456(1)The World book "Year Book"M.RossWorld book,inc.
457(1)The Humanistic TraditionG.K.FieroMc.Graw Hill
458(1)501 Thinking ActivitiesJ.ReedNewbridge Educ. Publ.
459(1)Pronunciation GamesM.HancockCambridge University Press
460(1)Read AloudM.H.LippertMacmillan publish. Comp.
461(1)Silver Burdett MusicE.CrookS.B.Company
462(1)Reading and Writing WorkbookM.AdamsMc.Graw Hill
463(1)Smart SummerJ.ReedNewbridge Educ. Publ.
464(1)Sing it to the SeaA.BryanMacmillan publish. Comp.
465(1)ShipsA.HaslamScholastic Canada Ltd.
466(1)SigningJ.BondMc.Graw Hill
467(1)The Train to Lulu'sE.F.HowardMc.Graw Hill
468(1)The Emperor and the KiteJ.YolenMc.Graw Hill
469(1)Beacons of Light LighthousesG.GibbonsMc.Graw Hill
470(1)make Way for tooth DecayB.KatzScholastic
471(1)The PlayB.PicardMc.Graw Hill
472(1)Modern English TeacherT.TobinLongman
473(1)Feeling JealousAltheaG.Stevens Publ.
474(1)Design for DramaH.M.KleinEng. L.Progr. Division
475(1)Music & SongT.MurpheyOxford University Press
476(1)The Motley Fool Investment GuideD.GardnerSimon&Schuster
477(1)Martyrs' CrossingA. WilentzBallabtine Books
478(1)Modern Japanese LiteratureD.KeeneGrove press
479(1)Reader's Digest Condensed BooksJ.BeaudouinReader's Digest Assoc.
480(1)The Evolution of Useful ThingsH.PetroskiVintage Books
481(1)Learning Strategies in Sec. Lan.J.M.O'MalleyCambridge University Press
482(1)Modern American DramaG. BigsbyCambridge University Press
483(1)Freedom in the WorldA.KaratnyckyFreedom House
484(1)The House Of FictionG.FlaubertCharles Scribner's Sons
485(1)On LibertyJ.S. MillIndianpolis
486(1)The Palm-Wine DrinkardA. TutuolaFaber and Faber
487(1)The American SouthL.D.RubinUSA Information Agency
488(1)The Kid's Address BookM.LevineA Perigee Book
489(1)While My Pretty One SleepsM.H.ClarkPocket Books
490(1)The EnchantressH.SuyinBantam Books
491(1)Ghost ImageJ.GilderPocket Books
492(1)The Dark TowerS. KingA Signet Book
493(1)Cosidering kateN.RobertsPocket Books
494(1)Dangerous to Know B.T.BradfordHarper paperbacks
495(1)The VineyardB.DelinskyPocket Books
496(1)Under CurrentsR.PearsonPocket Books
497(1)Midnight in Ruby BayonE. LowellAvon Books
498(1)Here I StandMentor Book
499(1)All we hold DearK.L.DavisPocket Books
Books in a Box
500(1)A Course in Language TeachingP. UrCambridge University Press
501(1)Grammar Practice ActivitiesP. UrCambridge University Press
502(1)Oxford Dictionary of American EnOxford University Press
503(1)The Oxford Picture DictionaryN.ShapiroOxford University Press
504(1)The Oxford Picture Dictionary(T.B)N.ShapiroOxford University Press
505(1)Classic Classroom ActivitiesN.ShapiroOxford University Press
506(1)Do as I SayG.NelsonPro Lingua
507(1)Learning ComputersS. QuannThe Univ. Press
508(1)Essentials of EhglishV.F.HooperBarron's
509(1)The Ultimate Prasal Verb BookW.HartBarron's
510(1)Building Academic VjcabularyJ. ZwierThe Univ.Of Michigan Press
511(1)Getting A Fix On VocabularyR. C. ClarkPro Lingua
512(1)Pronounce it Perfectly in EnglishJ.YatesBarron's
513(1)Reason To WriteR. F. CohenOxford University Press
514(1)Advanced Writing (CAE)H. CoryOxford University Press
Gifted books from British Council
515(1)True To Life (starter) T.B.S. SlaterCambridge University Press
516(1)True To Life (starter) S.B.S. SlaterCambridge University Press
517(1)True To Life(starter)W.B.S. SlaterCambridge University Press
518(1)True To Life(Intermediate)T.B.R.GairnsCambridge University Press
519(1)True To Life (Intermediate)S.B.R.GairnsCambridge University Press
520(1)True To Life (Intermediate)W.B.R.GairnsCambridge University Press
521(1)OK-1 S.B.D.BoltonOxford University Press
522(1)OK-2 S.B.D.BoltonOxford University Press
523(1)PET -Preliminary Engl.TestD.L.Fried-boothNelson
524(1)Workout (Upper-Interm) T.B.P.RadleyLongman
525(1)Workout (Upper-Interm) S.B.P.RadleyLongman
526(1)Workout (Upper-Interm) W.B.P.RadleyLongman
527(1)New Headway (advanced) T.B.L.& J.SoarsOxford University Press
528(1)New Headway (advanced) S.B.L.& J.SoarsOxford University Press
529(1)New Headway (advanced) W.B.L.& J.SoarsOxford University Press
530(1)New FCE Masterclass T.BS.HainesOxford University Press
531(1)New FCE Masterclass S.BS.HainesOxford University Press
532(1)New FCE Masterclass W.BS.HainesOxford University Press
533(1)Cambridge CAE Tests-4 S.B.S.DukanCambridge University Press
534(1)Cambridge CAE Tests-4 T.BS.DukanCambridge University Press
535(1)Cambridge Advanced English T.B.L.JonesCambridge University Press
536(1)Cambridge Advanced English S.B.L.JonesCambridge University Press
537(1)CAE Practice Tests 1 T.BP.AspinallCambridge University Press
538(1)CAE Practice Tests 1 S.BP.AspinallCambridge University Press
539(1)CAE Practice Tests Advanced Engl.S.O'ConnellLongman
540(1)CAE Practice Tests NewM.HarrisonOxford University Press
541(1)CAE Practice Tests Plus 1A. StantonLongman
542(1)CAE Objective T.B.F.O'dellCambridge University Press
543(1)CAE Objective S.B.F.O'dellCambridge University Press
544(1)Options Advanced EnglishM.HintonNelson
545(1)The Last WordD.HallNelson
546(1)English for BankingF.RadicePrentice Hall
547(1)Belshazzar's DaughterB.NadelHeadline
548(1)Howards EndE.M.ForsterPenguin Books
549(1)Fire Down BelowW.GoldingFaber & Faber
550(1)DublinersJ.JoycePenguin Books
551(1)Deadly HarvestC.WalkerCambridge University Press
552(1)The Longest JourneyE.M.ForsterPenguin Books
553(1)Frozen PizzaA. MosesCambridge University Press
554(1)Stupid CupidA. WeirPenguin Books
555(1)The InnocentI.McEwanPicador
556(1)A Measure of DustS.TurnerSimon and Schuster
557(1)The Age of InnocenceE. WhartonPenguin Books
Gifted cassettes from BC
056(1)The Oxford Picture DictionaryN.ShapiroOxford University Press
057(1)True To Life-S.C. (starter)S. SlaterCambridge University Press
058(1)True To Life-Class.C. (starter)S. SlaterCambridge University Press
059(1)True To Life - S. C. (Interm)S. SlaterCambridge University Press
060(1)True To Life - Class. C. (Interm)S. SlaterCambridge University Press
062(1)Advanced English-CAE PR.TestsS. O'ConnellLongman
063(1)CAE Practice Tests -Plus 1A.StantonLongman
064(1)CAE Practice Tests M.HarrisonOxford University Press
065(1)Cambridge FCE -4S. DukanCambridge University Press
066(1)Cambridge Advanced EnglishL.JonesCambridge University Press
Gifted Biooks from Judith Elliot
556Educational PsychologyR.E Slavin
557Five Minute Activities for Young LearnersP.McKay, J Cuse
558Business EnglishM.E. Guffey, c.M. Seefer
560The Writing Template BookK.B King
561The Red ponnyJ Steinbeck
562The Adventures of Huckleberry FinnMark Twain
563Pronounciation Contrasts In EnglishL.F. Nilsen, AP. Nilsen
564The Working Experience 2J.H Smith,H. Ringel
565Pronounciation Card GamesL.Henry
566Jazz Chants, Fairy talesC Graham
567Lives in Two languagesl. Wtkins-Goffman
568Super songsoxford University Press
569Creating Stories with ChildrenA. Wright
570Harold And the Purple Crayon
571American HolidaysB. Klebanow,S. Fischer
572Merrill HealthL. Meeks
573The practise of English language TeachingJ. Harmer
575Readers Theatre for Beginning ReadersS.I.Barchers
576The Loo Best poems of all timeL. Pockel
577Assessing Young LearnersS. Loannou-Georgiou, P.Pavlov