Zugdidi Office

Zugdidi Branch of ETAG started to operate in 1996. It unites teachers from school and University. Both from Private sectors. Zugdidi Branch has British Council ETAG approved trainers and conducts professional development trainings in language development and methodology.

The office has a small library of ELT textbooks and literature.

Contact Person:Mzia Khubulava
Established:January 1996
Phone:Mob. +995 577 73 25 73
Accesion NumberTitleAuthorLibrary sectionDate of Accesion
002-New Headway Pre-IntermediateJohn and liz SoarsSK27.10.03
003-New Headway Pre-IntermediateJohn and liz SoarsSK27.10.03
004-New Headway ElementaryJohn and liz SoarsSK27.10.03
005-New Headway ElementaryJohn and liz SoarsSK27.10.03
007-New Headway IntermediateJohn and liz SoarsSK27.10.03
008-New Headway IntermediateJohn and liz SoarsSK27.10.03
009-New Headway IntermediateJohn and liz SoarsSK27.10.03
010-New Headway IntermediateJohn and liz SoarsSK27.10.03
011-New Headway ElementaryJohn and liz SoarsSK27.10.03
012-New Headway Upper-IntermediateJohn and liz SoarsSK27.10.03
015-New Headway Upper-IntermediateJohn and liz SoarsSK27.10.03
017-New Headway Pre-IntermediateJohn and liz SoarsSK27.10.03
018-New Headway IntermediateJohn and liz SoarsSK27.10.03
019-New Headway ElementaryJohn and liz Soars,Amanda MarisSK27.10.03
021-New Headway Upper-IntermediateJohn and liz Soars, Jo DevoySK27.10.03
022-Headstart TBTim FallaTD27.10.03
023-HeadstartTim FallaSK27.10.03
025-Headstart SBBriony Beaven, L.J.SoarsSK27.10.03
028-Round-up TBVirginia EvansTD27.10.03
029-Round-upVirginia EvansSK27.10.03
030-Grammer Practice for Elementary StudentsElaine Walker, Steve ElsworthSK27.10.03
032-Grammer Practice for ELSElaine Walker, Steve ElsworthSK27.10.03
033-Grammer Practice for Pre-IntermediateElaine Walker, Steve ElsworthSK27.10.03
034-Grammer Practice for ELSElaine Walker, Steve SK27.10.03
035-Grammer Practice for Upper-IntermediateElaine Walker, Steve ElsworthSK27.10.03
036-Grammer Practice for Pre-IntermediateElaine Walker, Steve ElsworthSK27.10.03
037-New Streetwise IntermediateRob Nolasco,Janet Hatdy-GouldSK27.10.03
038-New Streetwise Upper-Intermediate TBRob Nolasco,Janet Hatdy-GouldTD27.10.03
039-New Streetwise Intermediate TBRob Nolasco,Janet Hatdy-GouldSK27.10.03
040-New Streetwise Intermediate SBRob NolascoSK27.10.03
041-New Streetwise Upper-IntermediateRob Nolasco,Janet Hatdy-GouldSK27.10.03
042-New Streetwise Upper-IntermediateRob NolascoSK27.10.03
043-Chatterbox 1Derek StrangeSK27.10.03
045-Chatterbox 1Derek StrangeSK27.10.03
046-Chatterbox 1Derek StrangeSK27.10.03
047-Chatterbox 1Derek StrangeSK27.10.03
048-Chatterbox 2Derek StrangeSK27.10.03
051-Chatterbox 2Derek StrangeSK27.10.03
052-Chatterbox 3 TBA.Ward and J.A. HoldernessTD27.10.03
053-Chatterbox 3Derek Strange, and J.A. HoldernessSK27.10.03
054-Chatterbox 3J.A. HoldernessSK27.10.03
055-Chatterbox 3Derek Strange, and J.A. HoldernessSK27.10.03
056-Chatterbox 3J.A. HoldernessSK27.10.03
057-Chatterbox 4J.A. HoldernessSK27.10.03
058-Chatterbox 4Derek Strange, and J.A. HoldernessSK27.10.03
059-Chatterbox 4 TBA.Ward and J.A. HoldernessTD27.10.03
060-Chatterbox 4J.A. HoldernessSK27.10.03
061-Chatterbox 4Derek Strange, and J.A. HoldernessSK27.10.03
062-Chatterbox 4J.A. HoldernessSK27.10.03
063-World Class 2Michael Harris,David MowerSK27.10.03
064-World Class 2 TBMichael Harris,David MowerTD27.10.03
065-World Class 2Michael Harris,David MowerSK27.10.03
066-World Class 3 TBMichael Harris,David Mower,Paul McCannTD27.10.03
067-World Class 3Michael Harris,David MowerSK27.10.03
068-World Class 3Michael Harris,David MowerSK27.10.03
069-World Class 4 TBMichael Harris,David MowerTD27.10.03
070-World Class 4Michael Harris,David MowerSK27.10.03
071-World Class 4Oliva DateSK27.10.03
072-Cutting Edge Upper-IntermediateJane Commyns Carr, Frances EalesSK27.10.03
073-Cutting Edge Upper-IntermediateJane Commyns Carr, Frances EalesSK27.10.03
074-Cutting Edge Upper-IntermediateSarah Cunningham, Peter MoorSK27.10.03
075-Cutting Edge Upper-IntermediateSarah Cunningham, Peter MoorSK27.10.03
076-Cutting Edge Upper-IntermediateSarah Cunningham, Peter MoorSK27.10.03
077-English Voc. In Use ElementaryMichael McCarthy, Felicity O’DellSK27.10.03
078-English Voc. In Use AdvancedMichael McCarthy, Felicity O’DellSK27.10.03
079-English Voc. In Use Pre-IntermediateStuart RedmanSK27.10.03
080-English Voc. In Use Upper-IntermediateMichael McCarthy, Felicity O’DellSK27.10.03
081-Test Your English Voc. In UseMichael McCarthy, Felicity O’DellSK27.10.03
082-Exercises ElementaryHelen Naylor, Raymond MurphySK27.10.03
083-English Voc. In Use Upper-Intermediate and AdvanceMichael McCarthy, Felicity O’DellSK27.10.03
085-FCE practice tests 1Mark Harrison, Rosalie KerrSK27.10.03
088-FCE practice tests 2Mark Harrison, Rosalie KerrSK27.10.03
089-FCE practice plus 2Diana L.Fried-BoothSK27.10.03
092-FCE Gold TBSally Burgess, Richard AcklamSK27.10.03
093-FCE GoldSally Burgess, Richard AcklamSK27.10.03
094-FCE Gold Exam maximiserSally Burgess, Richard AcklamSK27.10.03
095-Progress to First CertificationLeo JonesSK27.10.03
096-FCE MasterclassSimon Haines, Barbara StewartSK27.10.03
097-FCE MasterclassSimon Haines, Barbara StewartSK27.10.03
098-Success at FC.Robert O’Neill, Michael Duck worth,Kathy GudeSK27.10.03
100Snapshot IntermediateFran Linley,Brian Abbs,Ingrid FreebairnSK27.10.03
101Snapshot IntermediateBrian Abbs,Ingrid FreebairnSK27.10.03
102Snapshot IntermediateBrian Abbs,Ingrid FreebairnSK27.10.03
103Snapshot IntermediateBrian Abbs,Ingrid FreebairnSK27.10.03
104Snapshot IntermediateBrian Abbs,Ingrid FreebairnSK27.10.03
105Business ObjectivesJohn Bradley,Simon ClarkeBE27.10.03
106Business ObjectivesVicki HollettBE27.10.03
107Business ObjectivesVicki Hollett,Michael DuckworthBE27.10.03
108Business ObjectivesVicki HollettBE27.10.03
109Business ObjectivesVicki HollettBE27.10.03
110Business Objectives TBAnna Phillips,Terry PhillipsTD27.10.03
111CAE prectice tests 2Nick Kenny,Peter SunderlandSK27.10.03
112CAE prectice tests 1Alan Stanton,Susan MorrisSK27.10.03
113IELTS practice testsVanessa Jakeman,Clare McDowellSK27.10.03
114Longman Contemporary English DictionaryLongmanRF27.10.03
115Oxford Eng. idiomsA.P Cowie,R Mackin,IR MccaingRF27.10.03
116Oxford Phrasal Verbs DictionaryA.P Cowie,R MackinRF27.10.03
117Guide to British and American CultureJonathan CrowtherSK27.10.03
118Business Eng. DictionaryLongmanRF27.10.03
119Business Eng. DictionaryLongmanRF27.10.03
120Oxford Dictionary of LawLongmanRF27.10.03
121Language ActivaterLongmanSK27.10.03
122Explaining Eng. GrammerGeorge YuleSK27.10.03
123The Mysterious Island. Level 2Jules VerneFC27.10.03
124Five famous Fairy Tales. Level 2Jane RollasonFC27.10.03
125Dracula. Level 3Bram StokerFC27.10.03
128The Hound of the Baskervilles Level 5Sir Arthur Conan DoyleFC27.10.03
131Test Your ReadingMichael DeanSK27.10.03
132Test Your PrepositionPeter Watchyn-Jones, Jake AllsopSK27.10.03
133Test Your IdiomsPeter Watchyn-JonesSK27.10.03
134Test Your Voc. For FCERawdon WyattSK27.10.03
135Test Your VocabularyPeter Watchyn-Jones,SK27.10.03
137Test Your VocabularyPeter Watchyn-Jones, Olivia JohnstonSK27.10.03
138Test Your Vocabulary. 2Peter Watchyn-Jones, Olivia JohnstonSK27.10.03
139Test Your Vocabulary. 1Peter Watchyn-Jones, Olivia JohnstonSK27.10.03
140LondonLeslie DunklingBE27.10.03
141Factfiles(Titanic)Tim VicaryFC27.10.03
143Practise Advanced WritingMary StephensSK27.10.03
144TOEFL Volume ADeborah PhilipsSK27.10.03
145TOEFL VolumeBDeborah PhilipsSK27.10.03
146TOEFL TestDeborah PhilipsSK27.10.03
147TOEFL TestDeborah PhilipsSK27.10.03
148Working in EnglishLeo JonesSK27.10.03
149Jingle BellsJohn Byrne, Anne WaughSK27.10.03
150Speedy . The Flying CamelF.H.CornishFC27.10.03
151The GardenElizabeth LairdFC27.10.03
152Paradise IslandNorman WhitneyFC27.10.03
153Paradise IslandNorman WhitneyFC27.10.03
155English for Technical Students1David BonamySK27.10.03
156English for Technical Students1David BonamySK27.10.03
157Creating Stories with childrenAndrew WrightSK27.10.03
158How English WorksMichael Swan, Catherine WallerSK27.10.03
159Business letters for allBertha J. Naterop, Erich Weis, Eva HaberfellnerBE27.10.03
160A Midsummer Night DreamWilliam ShakespeareFC27.10.03
161Snow Falling on CedarsDavid GutersonFC27.10.03
167Logan’s ChoiceRichard MacAndrewFC27.10.03
168High life, Low lifeAlan BattersbyFC27.10.03
169The BeastCarolyn WalkerFC27.10.03
170A Puzzel for LoganRichard MacAndrewFC27.10.03
172The Voyages of Sindbad the SailorPauline FrancisFC27.10.03
175A Christmas CarolCharles DickensFC27.10.03
176Robin HoodLiz AustinFC27.10.03
177Scarlet and BlackStendhalFC27.10.03
179Scarlet and BlackStendhalFC27.10.03
180Gone With the WindMargaret MitchellFC27.10.03
181Gone With the WindMargaret MitchellFC27.10.03
182The Adventures of Huckleberry FinnMark TwainFC27.10.03
183The Adventures of Tom SawyerMark TwainFC27.10.03
184SevenAnthony BrunoFC27.10.03
185The sheep-pigDick King-SmithFC27.10.03
187Barchester TowersAnthony TrollopeFC27.10.03
188Brave New WorldAidous HuxleySK27.10.03
190Crime never paysClare WestFC27.10.03
192Life LinesPeter VineySK27.10.03
193Life LinesPeter VineySK27.10.03
194Sunnyvistar CityPeter VineySK27.10.03
196Ghost ChildrenSue TownsendFC27.10.03
198Once Upon a TimeJohn Morgan and Mario RinvolucriFC27.10.03
199WorlbuilderGuy WellmanSK27.10.03
201The InternetScott Windeatt,David Hardisty,David EastmentSK27.10.03
203Animal FarmGeorge OrwellFC27.10.03
204Modern short storiesPeter JW TaylorCB27.10.03
207Best Detective Stories of Agatha ChristieFC27.10.03
209The American WaysJoann Crandall, Edward N. Keary, Maryanne Keary DatesmanBE27.10.03
210Spotlight on BritainSusan Sheerin, Jonathan Seath, Gillian WhiteBE27.10.03
211Business GamesJenny MawerSK27.10.03
213A Window on LiteratureGillian LazarSK27.10.03
214A Window on LiteratureGillian LazarSK27.10.03
215Love StoryErich SegalFC27.10.03
216Cutting-Edge (mini-dictionary)Michael RundellSK27.10.03
217Stories we brought with usCarol Kasser, Ann SilvermanFC27.10.03
218All about the USAMilada Broukal, Peter MurphSK27.10.03
219An illustrated history of the USABryn O’CallaghanSK27.10.03
220A family Album,USAAlvin CoopermanSK27.10.03
221A family Album,USAAlvin CoopermanSK27.10.03
222The English Phonetics HandbookRusudan TkemaladzeSK27.10.03
223English for SchoolsTatyana Bukia, Irina ChiburdanidzeSK27.10.03
224English for Schools TBTatyana Bukia, Irina ChiburdanidzeTD27.10.03
226English for Schools TestsRusudan TkemaladzeSK27.10.03
227English for Schools SBTatyana Bukia, Irina Chiburdanidze, Thea BerulavaSK27.10.03
228English for Schools TBTatyana Bukia, Irina Chiburdanidze, Thea BerulavaTD27.10.03
229English for SchoolsTatyana Bukia, Irina Chiburdanidze, Thea BerulavaSK27.10.03
230English for Schools TBTatyana Bukia, Irina Chiburdanidze, Thea BerulavaSK27.10.03
231English for Schools TestsRusudan TkemaladzeSK27.10.03
232English for Schools SBTatyana Bukia, Irina ChiburdanidzeSK27.10.03
233English for Schools TestsRusudan TkemaladzeSK27.10.03
234Cutting Edge CassetteSarah Cunningham,Peter MoorSK27.10.03
235Cutting Edge CassetteSarah Cunningham,Peter MoorSK27.10.03
236Cutting Edge CassetteJane Comyns Carr, Frances EalesSK27.10.03
237English for Schols CassetteTatyana Bukia, Irina ChiburdanidzeSK27.10.03
238English for Schols CassetteTatyana Bukia, Irina ChiburdanidzeSK27.10.03
239English for Schols CassetteTatyana Bukia, Irina Chiburdanidze, Thea BerulavaSK27.10.03
240English 5 CassetteTatyana Bukia, Irina Chiburdanidze, Thea BerulavaSK27.10.03
241The English Phonetics Handbook CassetteRusudan TkemaladzeSK27.10.03
242HeadStart beginner CassetteBriony Beaven with Liz and John SoarsSK27.10.03
243Headway cassetteBriony Beaven with Liz and John SoarsSK27.10.03
244Headway cassetteLiz and John SoarsSK27.10.03
245Headway cassetteLiz and John SoarsSK27.10.03
256Headway cassetteLiz and John SoarsSK27.10.03
247Headway cassetteLiz and John SoarsSK27.10.03
248Headway cassetteLiz and John SoarsSK27.10.03
249Headway cassetteLiz and John SoarsSK27.10.03
250Headway cassetteLiz and John SoarsSK27.10.03
251Headway cassetteLiz and John SoarsSK27.10.03
252Headway cassetteLiz and John Soars with Jo DevoySK27.10.03
253Headway cassetteLiz and John SoarsSK27.10.03
254Headway cassetteLiz and John SoarsSK27.10.03
255Headway cassetteLiz and John SoarsSK27.10.03
256Headway cassetteLiz and John SoarsSK27.10.03
257Headway cassetteLiz and John SoarsSK27.10.03
258Work class cassetteMichael HarrisSK27.10.03
259Work class cassetteMichael HarrisSK27.10.03
260Work class cassetteMichael HarrisSK27.10.03
261Work class cassetteMichael HarrisSK27.10.03
262Work class cassetteMichael HarrisSK27.10.03
263Work class cassetteMichael HarrisSK27.10.03
264Work class cassetteMichael HarrisSK27.10.03
265Work class cassetteMichael HarrisSK27.10.03
266Chatterbox cassetteJ.A. HoldernessSK27.10.03
267Chatterbox cassetteDerekSK27.10.03
268Chatterbox cassetteDerekSK27.10.03
269Chatterbox cassetteJ.A. HoldernessSK27.10.03
270New Streetwise cassetteRob NolascoSK27.10.03
271New Streetwise cassetteRob NolascoSK27.10.03
272New Streetwise cassetteRob NolascoSK27.10.03
273New Streetwise cassetteRob NolascoSK27.10.03
274IELTS Practice Tests cassetteVanessa JakemanSK27.10.03
275IELTS Practice Tests cassetteVanessa JakemanSK27.10.03
276CAE Practice Tests cassetteAlan StantonSK27.10.03
277CAE Practice Tests cassetteN. Kenny, P. SunderlandSK27.10.03
278CAE Practice Tests cassetteN. Kenny, P. SunderlandSK27.10.03
279CAE Practice Tests cassetteAlan StantonSK27.10.03
280CAE Practice Tests cassetteN. Kenny, P. SunderlandSK27.10.03
281First Certificate cassetteMark HarrisonSK27.10.03
282First Certificate cassetteMark HarrisonSK27.10.03
283First Certificate cassetteMark HarrisonSK27.10.03
284First Certificate cassetteMark HarrisonSK27.10.03
285First Certificate cassetteMark HarrisonSK27.10.03
286First Certificate cassetteMark HarrisonSK27.10.03
287Longman Preparation Course for the TOEFI Tests cassetteDebora PhillipsSK27.10.03
288Longman Preparation Course for the TOEFI Tests cassetteDebora PhillipsSK27.10.03
289Longman Preparation Course for the TOEFI Tests cassetteDebora PhillipsSK27.10.03
290Longman Preparation Course for the TOEFI Tests cassetteDebora PhillipsSK27.10.03
291Longman Preparation Course for the TOEFI Tests cassetteDebora PhillipsSK27.10.03
292FCE, Practice tests cassetteDiann L.SK27.10.03
293FCE, Practice tests cassetteDiann L.SK27.10.03
294First Certificate Gold cassette cassetteRichard Acklam with Sally BurgessSK27.10.03
295First Certificate Gold cassette cassetteRichard Acklam with Sally BurgessSK27.10.03
296Business Objectives cassetteVicki HollettSK27.10.03
297Snapshot cassetteBrion AbbsSK27.10.03
298Snapshot cassetteBrion AbbsSK27.10.03
299Preparation and Practice cassetteAnn WardSK27.10.03
300Preparation and Practice cassetteAnn WardSK27.10.03
301Test Your Professional Eng.Steve FlindersSK23.03.04
302More about the USA Cultural ReaderMilada Broukal, Janet Milhomme23.03.04
303Cambridge First Certificate 1and 2Paul Carne, Barbara ThomasSK23.03.04
304Test your Professional English. SecretarialAlison PohlSK23.03.04
305CAE Practice Tests 1Patricia Aspinall, Louse HashemiSK23.03.04
306CAE Practise Test 2Louse Hashemi, SK23.03.04
307Oxford Practice GrammarJohn EastwoodSK23.03.04
311Grammar and Voc.for Camb.Richard SideSK23.03.04
313Elementary Voc.BJ ThomasSK23.03.04
314Intermediate Voc.BJ ThomasSK23.03.04
315Advanced Voc.BJ ThomasSK23.03.04
316Friends. StarterCarol SkinnerSK23.03.04
317Principles of Lang. LearningH. Douglas BrownSK23.03.04
318Very Young LearnersVanessa ReillySk23.03.04
319Assessing Young LearnersPavlos PavlouSK23.03.04
320Games for ChildrenGordon LewisSK23.03.04
321Creating stories with childrenAndrew WrightSK23.03.04
322Bravo. P.B.3Judy WestSK23.03.04
323Bravo.A.BJudy WestSK23.03.04
324Bravo. P.B.4Judy WestSK23.03.04
325Bravo.A.BJudy WestSK23.03.04
326Simple Speaking ActivitiesJill HadfieldSK23.03.04
327Simple listening ActivitiesJill HadfieldSK23.03.04
328Classroom EnglishBryan GardnerSK23.03.04
330The Oxford chil. A to Z of ArtMalcolm and Meryl DoneySK23.03.04
331The Oxford chil. A to Z of music Humphrey CarpenterSK23.03.04
332The Oxford chil. A to Z Human bodyBridget, Neil ArdleySK23.03.04
333First book of ArtGillian WolfeSK23.03.04
334Friends A.BCarol SkinnerSK23.03.04
335What a life. BeginningMilada BroukalSK23.03.04
336What a life. IntermediateMilada BroukalSK23.03.04
337What a life. High beginningMilada BroukalSK23.03.04
338Cultural AwarenessBarry TomalinGE23.03.04
339The Oxford children's Ency, of HistorySK23.03.04
340First book of AnimalsBarbara TaylorGE23.03.04
341Advanced American DictionarySK23.03.04
342Junior illustrated DictionarySheila DignenSK23.03.04
343The Oxford Picture DictionaryNorma ShapiroSK23.03.04
344Student Grammar of spoken and written Engl.Douglas Biber, Susan ConradSK23.03.04
345Practical English UsageMichael SwanSK23.03.04
346Oxford Advanc. Learning dict. CD Rom insideSK23.03.04
347Tom JonesHenry FieldingFC23.03.04
348The EdgeDick FrancisFC23.03.04
349The day of the JackalFredrick ForsythFC23.03.04
350A white Heron and other American StoriesSarah Orne JewettFC23.03.04
351Pride and PrejudiceJane AustenFC23.03.04
353Great American Stories 1C.G. DraperFC23.03.04
355MiseryStephen KingFC23.03.04
361Three Adventures of Sherlock HolmesSir Arthur Conan DoyleFC23.03.04
362Lesson with laughterGeorge WoolardSK23.03.04
363Grammar with laughterGeorge WoolardSK23.03.04
364Instant Grammar LessonsAlan BattersbySK23.03.04
365Timersaver PlaysJane MylesSK23.03.04
366English Activites Photocopy for and AgainstPatrick DaleySK23.03.04
367Personality QuizzesViv LambertSK23.03.04
368Classic PlaysEmma GrisewoodSK23.03.04
370Festivals and Special days in BritainMelanie BirdsallSK23.03.04
372Raps for learning EnglishSarah JohnsonSK23.03.04
373Teen Life in UKBarry TomalinSK23.03.04
374Opportunities Upp-Int. TBMichael HarrisSK04/17/2005
375Opportunities Upp-Int. SBMichael HarrisSK04/17/2005
376Opportunities Upp-Int. WB Michael HarrisSK04/17/2005
377Opportunities Beg. TB Patricia MugglestoneSK04/17/2005
378Opportunities Beg. SB Michael HarrisSK04/17/2005
379Opportunities Beg. WBAmanda MarisSK04/17/2005
380Round-Up 1Virginia EvansSK04/17/2005
381Round-Up 3 Virginia EvansSK04/17/2005
382Round-Up 4Virginia EvansSK04/17/2005
383Round-Up 6Virginia EvansSK04/17/2005
384New Headway Adv.SBLiz and John SoarsSK04/17/2005
386Natural English Int. TBRuth GairnsSK04/17/2005
387Natural English Int. SBRuth GairnsSK04/17/2005
388Natural English Int. WBLyn Scott, David ScottSK04/17/2005
389Natural English Upp-Int. TB Ruth GairnsSK04/17/2005
390Natural English Upp-Int. SBRuth GairnsSK04/17/2005
391Natural English Upp-Int.WBLyn Scott, David ScottSK04/17/2005
392More Tales from ShakespeareSharles and Mary LambFC04/17/2005
393Taste and other TalesRoald DahlFC04/17/2005
394Test your Professional English. Simon SweeneySK04/17/2005
395Test your Professional English. Alison PohlSK04/17/2005
396FCE Masterclass TBJenny QuintanaSK04/17/2005
397FCE Masterclass SB Simon Haines, Barbara StewartSK04/17/2005
398FCE Masterclass WB+CDSimon Haines, Barbara StewartSK04/17/2005
400Georgian-English English-Georgian Thamar and Isidore GvarjaladzeRF04/17/2005
401Dialogue Journal Writing Joy Kreeft PeytonSK04/17/2005
402Old Favourites for all agesAnna Maria MalkocSK04/17/2005
403Language Teaching MethodsDiane Larsen-FreemanTD04/17/2005
404Creative Classroom ActivitiesThomas KralSK04/17/2005
405World English WB 6Peter JovanovichSK04/17/2005
406World English WB 3Peter JovanovichSK04/17/2005
407World English TB 3Johnnie PratherSK04/17/2005
408World English TB 4Johnnie PratherSk04/17/2005
409World English TB 5Johnnie PratherSK04/17/2005
410World English TB 6Johnnie PratherSK04/17/2005
411World English SB 1Peter JovanovichSK04/17/2005
412World English WB 1Peter JovanovichSK04/17/2005
413World English cassette 5Johnnie PratherRF04/17/2005
414World English cassette 6Johnnie PratherRF04/17/2005
415Natural English cassette Int.Ruth GairnsSK04/17/2005
416Natural English cassette Int.Ruth GairnsSK04/17/2005
417Natural English cassette Upp-Int.Ruth GairnsSK04/17/2005
418Natural English cassette Upp-Int.Ruth GairnsSK04/17/2005
419Opportunities cassette Upp-IntMichael HarrisSk04/17/2005
420Opportunities cassette Upp-IntMichael HarrisSK04/17/2005
421Opportunities cassette BeginnerMichael HarrisSK04/17/2005
422Opportunities cassette BeginnerMichael HarrisSK04/17/2005
423Opportunities cassette Upp-IntMichael HarrisSK04/17/2005
424Headway cassette AdvancedLiz and John SoarsSK04/17/2005
425Headway cassette AdvancedLiz and John SoarsSK04/17/2005
426Headway cassette AdvancedLiz and John SoarsSK04/17/2005
427Headway cassette AdvancedLiz and John SoarsSK04/17/2005
428Friends cassette StarterCarol SkinnerSk04/17/2005
429Friends cassette StarterCarol SkinnerSK04/17/2005
430FCM cassetteSimon Haines, Barbara StewartSK04/17/2005
431FCM cassetteSimon Haines, Barbara StewartSK04/17/2005
432The Lord of Obama's MessengerMarguerire SiekFC02/27/2006
433Tales of HorrrorBram StokerFC02/27/2006
434Mine BoyPeter AbrahamsFC02/27/2006
435DraculaBram StokerFC02/27/2006
436Anna and the FighterElizabeth LairdFC02/27/2006
437Rich man Poor manT.C. JuppFC02/27/2006
438Money for a MotorbikeJohn MilneFC02/27/2006
439L.A. DetectivePhilip ProwseFC02/27/2006
440The Long TunnelJohn MilneFC02/27/2006
441B is for BurglarSue GraftonFC02/27/2006
442L.A. MoviePhilip ProwseFC02/27/2006
443The Mistress of SpicesChitra Banerjee DivakaruniFC02/27/2006
444The Eye of the TigerWilbur SmithFC02/27/2006
445I'm the King of the CastleSusan HillFC02/27/2006
446The Night VisitorR. MacAndrewFC02/27/2006
447L.A. MoviePhilip ProwseFC02/27/2006
448Mine BoyPeter AbrahamsFC02/27/2006
449L.A. MoviePhilip ProwseFC02/27/2006
450The Space InvadersGeoffrey MatthewsFC02/27/2006
451DraculaBram StokerFC02/27/2006
452Washington SquareHenry JamesFC02/27/2006
453Washington SquareHenry JamesFC02/27/2006
454Footprints in the JungleW. Somerset MaughamFC02/27/2006
455The Sky's the LimitNorman WhitneyFC02/27/2006
456Into the FutureJohn MilneFC02/27/2006
457Into the FutureJohn MilneFC02/27/2006
458The Woman of IronMandy LoaderFC02/27/2006
459The Wells of Pandi WarraJohn MilneFC02/27/2006
460L.A. WinnersPhilip ProwseFC02/27/2006
461Into the FutureJohn MilneFC02/27/2006
462Used in EvidenceFredrick ForsythFC02/27/2006
463The Goalkeeper's RevengeBill NaughtonFC02/27/2006
464The Trumpet-MajorThomas HardyFC02/27/2006
465Tales of Ten WorldsArthur C. ClarkeFC02/27/2006
466Oliver TwistCharles DickensFC02/27/2006
467Oliver TwistCharles DickensFC02/27/2006
468The Mistress of SpicesChitra Banerjee DivakaruniFC02/27/2006
469I'm the King of the CastleSusan HillFC02/27/2006
470World English SB 2Peter JovanovichSK02/27/2006
471World English SB 3Peter JovanovichSK02/27/2006
472World English WB 3Peter JovanovichSK02/27/2006
473World English WB 2Peter JovanovichSK02/27/2006
474I'm the King of the CastleSusan HillFC02/27/2006
475A tale of two citiesCharles DickensFC02/27/2006
476A new years surpriseCarolyne LarringtonFC02/27/2006
477The Phantom AirmanAllan Frewin JonesFC02/27/2006
478The man in the Iron MaskAlexandre DumasFC02/27/2006
479Winning and LosingT.C. JuppFC02/27/2006
481The Legends of Sleepy Hollow and Rip VanWinkleWashington IrvingFC02/27/2006
482Washington SquareHenry JamesFC02/27/2006
483Dear Jan…Love RuthNick McIverFC02/27/2006
484Dangerous JourneyAlwyn CoxFC02/27/2006
486Meil's DreamElaine O'ReillyFC02/27/2006
487The Eye of the TigerWilbur SmithFC02/27/2006
488Picrure PuzzleJohn EscottFC02/27/2006
489The GardenElizabeth LairdFC02/27/2006
490The BriefcaseStephen ColbournFC02/27/2006
491Island in the SunJohn MilneFC02/27/2006
492A Christmas CarolCharles DickensFC02/27/2006
493Our Mutual FriendCharles DickensFC02/27/2006
494Oliver TwistCharles DickensFC02/27/2006
495The House on the HillElizabeth LairdFC02/27/2006
496The mill on the flossGeorge EliotFC02/27/2006
497Sara says no!Norman WhitneyFC02/27/2006
498The boy who was afraidArmstong SperryFC02/27/2006
499BankerDick FrancisFC02/27/2006
501The Speckled Band and Other StoriesSir Arthur Conan DoyleFC02/27/2006
502Eddy and Movie StarElizabeth LairdFC02/27/2006
503The Mistress of SpicesChitra Banerjee DivakaruniFC02/27/2006
504The Lost WorldSir Arthur Conan DoyleFC02/27/2006
505The Signalman and the Ghost at the TrialCharles DickensFC02/27/2006
506The narrow pathFrancis SelormeyFC02/27/2006
507The Flower SellerRichard PrescottFC02/27/2006
508Road to NowhereJohn MilneFC02/27/2006
509The QuestMandy LoaderFC02/27/2006
510Tales of GohaLeslie CaplanFC02/27/2006
511DraculaBram StokerFC02/27/2006
512Northanger AbbeyJane AustenFC02/27/2006
513When rain clouds gatherMargaret TarnerFC02/27/2006
514Road to NowhereJohn MilneFC02/27/2006
516The man with no nameEvelyn Davies and Peter TownFC02/27/2006
517Silas MarnerGeorge EliotFC02/27/2006
518The Black PearlMandy LoaderFC02/27/2006
519The WallStephen ColbournFC02/27/2006
520Jane Eyre Charlote BronteFC02/27/2006
521The Wells of Pandi WarraJohn MilneFC02/27/2006
522Shifting into overdriveDawson's CreekFC02/27/2006
523The Wells of Pandi WarraJohn MilneFC02/27/2006
524The Space InvadersGeoffrey MatthewsFC02/27/2006
525Dangerous JourneyAlwyn CoxFC02/27/2006
526The Adventures of Huckleberry FinnMark TwainFC02/27/2006
527Way Ducks sleep on one legAnne IngramFC02/27/2006
528The House in the PictureM.R. JamesFC02/27/2006
529Little WomenLouisa M.AlcottFC02/27/2006
530The Canterville Ghost and other storiesOscar WildeFC02/27/2006
531Tales of GohaLeslie CaplanFC02/27/2006
532The Queen of Spades and other storiesAleksandr PushkinFC02/27/2006
533A Marriage of ConvenienceW. Somerset MaughamFC02/27/2006
534A Course in Language TeachingPenny UrSK21.10.06
535The ESL Miscellany (pro Lingua)Raymond C.ClarkSK21.10.06
536Oxford Dictionary American EnglishOxford University pressSK21.10.06
537Discussion StartersKeith S. FolseSK21.10.06
538Learning Computers, speaking EnglishSteve Quann and Diana SatinSK21.10.06
539Essentials of Writing Vincent F.HopperSK21.10.06
540Wrire ro be ReadWilliam R.SmalzerSK21.10.06
541Write to be Read Teacher's ManualWilliam R.SmalzerTD21.10.06
542The Ins and Outs of PrepositionsJean YatesSK21.10.06
543Student Atlas of the WorldNational Geographic SocietySK21.10.06
544Advanced Writing with English in UseHugh CorySK21.10.06
545Reason to writeRobert f. CohenSK21.10.06
547Business OpportunitiesVicki HollettSK21.10.06
548Business Opportunities WBVicki HollettSK21.10.06
549Business Opportunities TBAnna Phillips,Terry PhillipsSK21.10.06
550Financial EnglishSusan NormanSK21.10.06
551Fast Track to CAE TBAlan StantonSK21.10.06
552Business PresentationsAnne Freitag-LawrenceSK21.10.06
553Fast Track to CAE WBFiona JosephSK21.10.06
554Business EnglishRoger OwenSK21.10.06
555Business Opportunities casseeteVicki HollettSK21.10.06
556IELTS Practice Test Plus 2 CDLongmanSK21.10.06
557Three little words Elizabeth ClaireSK21.10.06