English Language through Civic Education (ELCE) 2011

July 2011, English Language through Civic Education program started in Georgia, which is a two year initiative implemented by Project Harmony (PH) International with and its partners, English Teachers Association of Georgia and the Center for Intercultural Education and Development (CIED) of Georgetown University. The goal of CETEL is to improve English-language teaching and learning in Georgian schools, in order to support Euro-Atlantic integration, promote Western democratic values, improve students’ capacity for higher and continuing education, and increase marketable job skills among Georgian youth. The direct beneficiaries of this program are teachers of English for grades 1 through 12 and the students they teach in seven regions of Georgia. In the frame of the program, new approaches and supplemental materials will be developed, that include civic education and American studies. Program will bring five American EFL experts to train English teachers in pedagogical and subject areas, to introduce the use of new equipment as teaching tools, to identify and promote best practices within the scope of the project and to the broader educational community.