Textbook development

ELT textbooks for schools

Partner Organization: British Council Specific Objectives:

  1. to assist Georgian textbook writers to develop their skills
  2. to develop a new series of ELT textbooks for schools grade 8 and11
  3. to build textbooks on communicative and skill-based methodology

Outcomes (up to March 07)

5th ,6th, 7th,8th, 9th and 10th grade textbooks published and approved by the Ministry of Education as compulsory textbooks for Georgian schools. Each level consists of a student’s book, a teachers’ guide and a test book.

The textbooks used by thousands of schoolchildren throughout the country


For student’s and teacher’s books: Tanya Bukia, Irina Chiburdanidze, lika Goksadze and Tamar Pagava

For the tests booklets: Rusiko Tkemaladze

Consultant: Barrie Watson

ETAG is coordinating a textbook development project. This is a joint project with the Ministry of Education and British Council. By today 7th and 10th grade textbooks have been introduced into the schools. 8th and 11th textbooks are being piloted.