ETAG Branches development and support project

ETAG currently has 8 regional branches plus the head office in Tbilisi. The offices are in Batumi, Poti, Zugdidi, Kutaisi, Akhaltsikhe, Gori, Rustavi and Telavi. All the branches are well equipped with the Internet Connection. They are managed by the branch managers. All the branches unite around 800 members from both school and university levels.

The Project is a part of ETAG overall development project: ETAG in 2005

Funding organization: British Council

Duration: early 2002 to end 2005

Specific Objectives:

  • to establish a self-sustaining professional network of English language teachers with the capacity to manage English language teaching development in Georgia
  • to refurbish all ETAG branch premises (up to 14) so that they are suitably furnished and equipped with modern facilities, including reliable internet access, and resourced with appropriate professional materials for all teachers in their region
  • to select and train office managers for the professional management of all ETAG branches

Outcomes (up to November 06)

ETAG branches in all 8 branches and the Head office in Tbilisi now work in comfortable rooms with telephone and internet connections and an up-to-date supply of ELT resources.

Each branch office has a trained and paid manager.

Branch activities are coordinated by a paid Branch Head.

Networking by email between the branches has become a reality.

Branch Management Guidelines have been designed and implemented.

You can contact the branches at the following addresses:

Tbilisi: 36 Chavchavadze ave. 2nd floor. r. 8; tel: (995 32) 250856; email: Head: Lela Abdushelishvili; Manager: Tsisana Tsiskaridze

Kutaisi: 2 St Nino St. 2nd floor; tel: (995 8-231) 4 62 46; email: Head: Tina Kutivadze; Manager: Marina Bagaturia

Batumi: 19, Era St. 2nd floor. tel: (995 888 222) 7 12 93; email: Head: Tamar Mgeladze; Manager: Nana mazmishvili

Akhaltsikhe: 91, Rustaveli St. 1st (995 8 265) 20293; email:; Head: GulikoJjanova; Manager: Thea Chitadze

Poti: 26 Akaki St/1st Gymnazium. tel: (995 8 293) 2 10 19; email:; Head: Maka Iobadze; Manager: Keti Gvania

Zugdidi: 58 Kostava S/State University. tel: (995 8 215) 5 08 25; email: Head: Mzia Khubulava. Manager: Tamar Mosia

Gori: 67 Chavchavadze St/ Gori state university. building 2. tel: (995 8 270) 7 96 59. email: Head: Babi Kenchuashvili. Manager: Diana Japaridze

Rustavi: 7 Vakhusti St/ Georgian Gymnazium. tel: (995 8 24) 17 73 15 email: Head: Galina paposhvili. Manager: Maya Dugashvili

Telavi: 1 University/ State university. tel: (995 8 250) 7 51 44. email: Head: Tsitsino Vardosanidze. Manager: Thea Baturishvili

Feasibility study of first wave-branches.