Baseline study in English language teaching and learning in Georgia, 2001

A report on current state of English language education in Georgia.

Funding organization: British Council Specific objectives:

  • to draw up a detailed description of the current situation in Georgian English language teaching and to provide policy makers with an objective account of key aspects of English language education in Georgia at the beginning of the 21st century.
  • to make available to decision makers essential information on which areas in ELT require most urgent support and, more importantly, which areas are most likely to benefit from such support.


  • A 157-page report: Teaching and Learning English in Georgia: 2001
  • A 19-page Georgian-English executive summary report

Findings are taken from more than 3500 questionnaires distributed to school directors, English teachers, 9-10-11 grade students, first year University students, parents and in-service and pre-service teacher trainers, in rural and urban areas of Georgia. It also reports on findings obtained from observing 146 English language lessons as well as from interviewing numerous agencies involved in different aspects of English language teaching.

The Georgian team responsible for the development of the study consisted of thirteen members, five of whom were responsible for the writing of the final report. The ELT Baseline project consultant was Dr Chris Tribble.